Old girl getting operated on! Done now

Well I am very sad and very happy at the same time. I needed a refret at least on the top 5 frets as they were very much done. They were low flat and had a few nicks in them so it’s time to have a refret and set up done . That’s the good thing the sad thing is I will be without my acoustic for a week and that sucks. I do have a fender Strat electric but I really don’t like playing the electric guitar, I just love the sound of acoustic. I am hoping the old dean makes it through the operation. Anyone else have got the frets done and what are your thoughts about doing this?


That’s a really nice looking guitar Jeff.

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Thank you I do enjoy it.

Not a problem. Just ask the shop for a loaner instrument. Or maybe a referral to a guitar rental agency (Hertz, Avis, etc). Your insurance plan will probably cover the cost.

Are they re-fretting or just dressing the frets? Either way, they are pretty routine maintenance and unless they are hacks and screw it ip you will probably love it even more when it is done.

I re-fretted (completely) an electric by myself and even though it was an armature hack job, the guitar is now amazing. Recommendation: don’t do this t home. Ironically, auto-correct changes “re-fretting (if you forget the dash) to “regretting “.

You will survive a week without your lovely sounding acoustic. Think of it as an opportunity to practice a bunch of stuff where the overall sound isn’t important. There is an awful lot that is worth doing and won’t sound good regardless of the guitar you use.

Full refret

Old girl is home and looking young again. Refret was a success and looks and plays beautifully.


I have been playing my guitar all day today and can’t believe how well this is set up and plays again. This is like when I bought it new . So glad I had this done.