Old git Kit sugestions

I’m a new user to the community, but have been following justin on youtube for many years. I’m an untalented but enthusiastic guitar student of some 40 years and was doing reasonably (in my head) untill last year when i had a brain haemorage which somewhat cramped my style.
As a result i have a weakness in my left hand which also affects my stretch capability and struggle to control my left pinky.
I previously played a strat but bought a fender jaguar due to its shorter scale and lighter required touch. This has revitalised my enthusiasm for playing. I also have a Dean 12 string, but that just aint happening. What I’d love to do is be able to play an accoustic again, but cant seem to find info on a short scale, low action, accoustic at an affordable price. Any ideas or advice would be very gratefully received.


Oh man that sucks good you are recovering and still playing!

How about something like this

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Thanks for that ill take a look. I’m also thinking maybe parlour size.

If you are thinking about parlour size, dont forget to check this one out. Affordable priced, great neck feel.
this is the best parlour i have ever played amongst the parlours i have tested.
Good luck in youre search :grin:
There is a few members that own one, @TheMadman_tobyjenner is one i can think of on top of my head…

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Briliant thanks tRONd ill take a looksy.

Welcome to the community! I am glad that hemorrhage only “cramped your style”. That could have gone far worse.

Keep in mind that many of us experience similar chaos with our left pinkies without having had such an injury.

Guitar body size aside, it sounds like you are looking for lower tension, tighter action for playing an acoustic.

Action is not necessarily something you buy with your guitar. It is an adjustment that may involve nut depth, saddle height and relief. String tension also plays a role in playability, lighter strings and specially designed strings being lower tension. Shorter scale also lowering tension a little.

If you have arm reach, or shoulder issues, you may be interested in smaller bodied guitars, 12 fret neck joins, and shorter scale (minor contribution to neck length).

If it is all tension and action, then short scale and a really good professional setup.

I dislike really thin strings on the acoustic, so I have researched lower tension strings . Lots of options but a good solid lower cost is “Straight Up Strings”. Get a slightly shorter scale guitar and som SUS 11 or 12s and you will really notice the difference.

I am also a fan of smaller guitars. My shoulders demand it. Classical playing position also helps. I have an OM and 00 size steel guitars and two classicals that are standard size, I think in between the two.

If you really want to go low tension go nylon! There are great crossover guitars that have narrower nuts than typical classical guitars and play like a dream. John Pearse makes a “Folk Fingerstyle” string set that plays and sounds a bit more like steel with nylon tension (only suitable for guitars made for nylon strings).

So many cool options!

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FWIW, I bought the Masterworks version of that guitar (with electronics – model MPA66ESHB) last May. It has become one of my favorite instruments. A lot of that is due to its parlor size, but there are many things I like about it: the neck-meets-body-at-12th-fret design, the slotted headstock, the look and the finish, the surprising projection and balanced sound from such a small guitar, and of course the ease of play. It’s a guitar that has the essential quality: it makes me want to pick it up and play it. And its size makes it easy to always have it at hand.

Just for reference, a typical dreadnought or a Fender Strat has a scale length of around 25.5 inches. A Fender Player Jaguar has a scale length of 24 inches. The Alvarez MPA66 and AP66 guitars have a scale length of 24 inches.

Also, I’ll mention that on my MPA66ESHB I lowered the action slightly from the factory setting, just to get it where I wanted it and make it easier to play. That made a good playing guitar into a great playing guitar.

Andy I got mine from Thomann but their stock has gone down quickly since early December, they only have this one listed at the moment. Really liking it for acoustic Blues and happily switch back and forth with my Dreads. Its a nice little strummer for practicing songs as well.

You should be able to source one in the UK or something similar.

BTW Welcome to the forum.


Wow, loads of info, thank you so much. You’re right that tension and action is a bigger deal than reach over. I’ve got my original hohner 6 string dread from circa 1980, its battered and past it really but it was really cheap at the time and has served me well but it’s really had it now and even that i struggle with currently.
I’m leaning towards parlour size because there seems to be more choices for shorter scale, i really have an aversion to nylon strings, sorry to you nylon fans , but i have tried them and simply it’s not for me.
Budget is an issue as I’m not really working currently, been self employed since i was 17.
I do feel really lucky because, as you say, the heamorage could have been far worse.
Thank you so much for responding.

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Thank you Rob, The MPA66ESHB, looks like a great option with a slightly lowered action, unfortunately its price tag is not an option currently.
But you have my gratitude for taking the time to reply.

The PRS SE P20E looks like a good option if i can find one at the right price.
An elecro accoustic would be great but I’m also open to non electro.
Many thanks for your help.

Good possible option Rob.
24" Scale us a winner in my eyes as that’s woring well for me with my Jaguar.
Thanks a bunch.

The E denotes on an onboard pick up. Tone and volume controls are housed in the top part of the soundhole. Out of sight but easily accessible unlike some of the Fishman style preamps mounted near the neck.

Cool thanks buddy.