Oldhead49 and batwoman collaborate

I saw this post before had any comments but needed to postpone a listen, I knew it’s gonna be a gem and I wasn’t wrong! Fantastic job Maggie and Dave, boy oh boy this bat sure can fly high! Production wise really good, just perfect mix with a lot of space in it, fabulous! And Dave as always pure pleasure to listen to your play. Well done guys! :clap:

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This is basically posted from my wife:

I put your collab on the studio monitors and played it.

I turned it up and thought my wife might realize it is you singing, Maggie. She came running in and had a listen. She was impressed and said you sound like Edith Piaf. So, you got her attention and she loved it. Gosh, the guitar play is outstanding too. Now she is checking out all the versions of the song as it has been covered by Sinatra, Eric Clapton(?) and a ton of others…

Good job Maggie & Dave!


@batwoman and @oldhead49 that was beautiful, and right up there with the ultimate recording of this song, my favourite and it sounds like yours too, Maggie, Eva Cassidy’s. There are so many, and so many amazing, recordings of this jazz standard, but my favourite drifts down a non-traditional route. The very wonderful thing about your cover here is that Maggie reaches the vocal styling of Eva Cassidy and Dave your playing absolutely roots the song in jazz, what a wonderful arrangement and mix you have, I loved it. And Maggie wow good on you, the mix sounds perfect to me, you’ve certainly developed your production skills. And Dave. Dave Dave Dave. Such a brilliant guitar interpretation, it’s entirely emotional and it so captures the essence of the song. I especially have to comment on the call and response vocal to guitar, it was almost playful, and it suited perfectly. Maggie and Dave, your cover is an absolute gem.


Hi Maggie and Dave,
2 , NO 4 thumbs up! Great!

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I want to make it clear that Dave had input and made valuable suggestions re the panning, dB levels and the sound of the mix. I was the one turning the dials, but he was the source of much of it.

@brianlarsen your comment brings a big smile to my dial son err Brian :grin: The original was the one Dave posted a while back on the Autumn Leaves lesson page. My awareness of how little I know about the mixing/producing side of things remains glaringly apparent to me and my head still almost explodes, but I chip away. Thankyou Brian for your comment.

@adi_mrok Adi thankyou for your generous comments, I really appreciate them. The gem is Dave’s guitars, without them to sing with and to, this recording wouldn’t have left the ground.

@LBro Thankyou LB for passing on your wife’s comments. Dave’s guitars are next level no doubt about that. Make sure your wife checks out Eva Cassidy’s version.

@mari Ohhhhhhhhh my name mentioned in the same breath as Eva Cassidy :no_mouth: Isn’t her version sublime? I made a point of not listening to it so I wouldn’t be discouraged or try to imitate. Thankyou Mari for your encouragement and generosity. Dave oh yes indeed I agree with every word you’ve said. As I’ve said in other comments, I frequently broke out in goosebumps or teared up as I listened to his tracks. He has a magical mix of technical skill and ability intertwined with intuitive, creative musicianship.

@RomanS Hey Roman how good it is to see you here. :smiley: Thankyou for the thumbs up. I hope you’re left with enough fingers to play us some music. :grin: It was you who started the whole collab thing when you invited me into your studio to record Chocolate Jesus along with @Cagn Kevin and his dazzling guitar work August 30, 2018. As you can see I didn’t give up!


I’ve been waiting for Sat morning to come back for a second round of listens via my AI and HPs rather than through my mid-fi buds. I was not disappointed. The warmth and richness of the various layers of the song, the feeling and vibe, such wonderful performances produced so well.

@batwoman Maggie, you may continue to shine the light on Dave, but this production is so bright because it is light from a binary star system. That astronomical metaphor works perfectly here ( A binary star is a system of two stars that are gravitationally bound to and in orbit around each other) You dance together in this song, producing a song that is truly greater than the sum of the individual parts.

@oldhead49 Dave, that goes for you too. So much more than the ‘All I did was send her some mono tracks’ … that all is a contender for understatement of the year. I think the tone on all the tracks is fabulous. I’m interested, maybe others may be, in how you produced that tone, so clean and still rich with sustain. Would you mind sharing the chain, sharing some pointers?

Once again, bravo, for the production of a wonderful song.

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That was beautiful and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing! :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

Dave & Maggie, great job.
Dave, I remember the earlier guitar version and the adaptation is done well.
Maggie, you keep raising the barrier, well done. Eva Cassidy has been mentioned but the first singer who sprang to mind for me was Blossom Dearie. If anyone remembers the American Jazz singer. Often came over to the U.K. A unique whimsical, tone in her voice and your rendition reminded me of her.

@grayal Thankyou Al I appreciate your comment.

@Willsie01 Oh yes I do remember Blossom Dearie, though can’t find her singing AL on YT. Thankyou John for your kind words.

@DavidP I guess that’s the joy of a collaboration. It surely was for me.


@batwoman and @oldhead49 This collaboration was absolutely luscious and unique reimagining of a classic jazz standard. Bravo!! This inspires me so much!! :heart_decoration: the Justin Guitar community so much!!
I’m a long-time Justin Guitar fan on YouTube and recently joined the forum here to get deeper into my guitar practice.
This made my day.
Thank you.

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That was wonderful. It is such a beautiful song.

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Well, @DavidP thanks for those comments. Your binary star likening is a good one. I appreciate the remarks on the tone and sustain, but there’s no magic juice I can give you. It was the PRS through the DigiTech RP155, with just the smallest amount of delay and spring reverb from the pedal. No plugs in the DAW. Other than that, it was the neck pup and the tone knob turned down probably 3/4 to roll off the treble. The left rhythm track was finger-plucked and the right one finger-picked.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have some issues going on right now that have kept me off the board and will probably keep me away for another 2 to 3 weeks, hopefully less.

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@rita38k Thanks so much for that great feedback, Rita. And I’m sure I speak for Maggie too, it’s great that you are inspired by this piece. Makes our day to hear feedback like that.

@TheCluelessLuthier Mark, Thanks for stopping by and taking this one for a spin. It is a beautiful song, and it can be done so many ways.

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Thanks Dave. Does the RP155 include an amp sim? Such a wonderful sounding guitar!

Plucked vs picked? That’s a new one for me.

No worries. Hope all gets sorted out soon.

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Hi Maggie, sorry didn’t mean to suggest that Blossom had performed the song. It was the nature of your vocal I was likening to her on this occasion.

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@rita38k What a lovely comment Rita, or do I call you Margarita? Thankyou. I’m glad you’re digging deeper into your guitar practice, so much good will come out of it. I hope we get to hear you play soon.

@TheCluelessLuthier Thankyou Mark. Your user name makes me laugh every time I see it. I’d love to see and hear some of the guitars you’ve made.

@Willsie01 Thanks John, I thought I’d missed something.

@batwoman you might have to wait a little bit, I just started my first one. The decision to put the process on YouTube will slow down the process, but I’m retired, what else do I have to do? :wink:

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@TheCluelessLuthier you could learn to play air guitar while you build your dream guitar :laughing:

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That is an option! :rofl:

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@DavidP Rather than try to list all it has, because there are over 20 amp sims, cabinet sims, etc. here is a link to the manual. It’s really got a ton of effects in it.
DIGITECH RP155 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib