Oldhead49 and batwoman collaborate

Dave @oldhead49 posted an instrumental version of this song February 7, 2017. I remember when I heard it wishing I could sing to it. Not for a moment did I entertain the idea of it ever being a reality.

My heartfelt thanks to you Dave for your generosity and willingness to further develop your instrumental to accommodate my warbling. You’ve made a dream come true for me. Thankyou. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Absolutely charming! And this is what it’s all about: musicians making music together and dreams coming true.


Absolutely delightful, Maggie and Dave, what a treat. Playing, singing, mixing all just right. Thoroughly enjoyed that and celebrate all you’ve both learned over the years to be able to collaborate and produce such a gem, a rendition of this classic to be proud of.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks @J.W.C Jason and @DavidP

And thank you @batwoman Maggie. I know you wanted to make an emotional, non-traditional version of this, and you’ve done an exceptional job of it
Folks, You should know that Maggie is the Master Chef on this one. All I did was send her some mono tracks of a traditional
Version of this. She sliced, diced, mixed, mastered and topped it with a brilliant vocal and IMHO did an outstanding job of it.
Maggie, you are the star of this show and should take a bow. I love your link too.


That warmed the cockles of my heart! Maybe even the sub-cockle area as well. Lovely job all the way around. Really awesome collaboration. Gonna give this one a couple of spins for sure.

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@oldhead49 and @batwoman - Very very very well done!

@J.W.C it surely has been a dream come true for me. I feel so honoured.

@DavidP very kind of you to say so sir :smiley: Dave is the gem in this mix.

@oldhead49 Your stems were a joy to work with. Hearing those cool chords and bends and jazzy stuff sent me to my happy place and even now the interlude you wrote brings tears to my eyes. You’re so clever in your instrumental interpretation of what I was endeavouring to do.

@CT Thankyou Clint, were there mussels alive alive o there too? BTW did you notice the track is public?

@tony that’s so nice of you to say. Aren’t those guitar tracks heaven on the ears?


If @CT quoting Leary it must be good. Just risen so will listen later.:sunglasses:

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Nicely done there Maggie and Dave. All elements came together and produced a great one. I enjoyed this one and the story behind it! Keep on rock’n and all the best you two!


What a wonderful way to start the day. :smiley:

Maggie’s majestic mixing and mastering. You’ve been weaving some Reaper magic Mrs B, that was an excellent production, so well balanced.

Lovely song, exquisite vocals (you’re getting those lows consistently now) and a sublime fretboard festival from OH Dave. What more could you ask for.

As Jason @J.W.C said, this is what it is all about and also what this community has always been about, members collaborating across the globe and making sweet music.

I hope this inspires some our newbies to take on the challenge and bring us some future collaborations.

Thank you Maggie and Dave, :sunglasses:


@LBro thankyou LB. You’ve played a major role in teaching me how to use a DAW, I do thank you for that. It’s opened so many doors to musical possibilities for me.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner That’s so kind of you to say Toby. Thankyou :smiley: I’m pleased my lower range is filling out, I’m also pleased that rasp is coming to me more easily. Controlling air flow is such a fine art. I have more power in the upper range in mixed voice too. Twelve months ago the upper range would have been in head voice. SoundCloud has made the guitars a tad too loud, but I can’t be bothered fixing it. I spent 3 hours yesterday tweaking dB levels in all the tracks.

There are many newbies who have the skills and gear to put together some fab music. :crossed_fingers: we get to hear some.

What a delightful way to wake up to this dull and damp morning, it’s almost like the sun came out!
That’s just a wonderful collaboration between you two, absolutely fab!

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@batwoman @oldhead49 congratulation on another delightful collaboration. Very nicely mixed too love the panning between tracks everything has plenty of space. Maybe that little arpeggio (sounds in my left ear…it gets louder for the solo) could be a little louder but that is being picky.

Very chilled and relaxing. Lovely!

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Wonderful! Took my attention away from everything else. I’ll be listening to this many more times. :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

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What a wonderful start to my day Maggie & Dave. That was lovely. I’ve heard instrumental jazz versions of Autumn Leaves played many times but didn’t realise there were lyrics too!

Beautifully played and sung. Your vocal oozed emotion Maggie, well done. As for Dave’s playing, well, spot on as ever.

The production sounded terrific Maggie. Well done for coming to grips with all that ‘techie’ stuff. A marvellous ‘both sides of the world’ production. (I’ve just given you a name for your production company!).

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Oh Maggie, beautiful vocals. The highest part, so sweet and pure. I went back and found the lyrics and also listened to a little of Frank Sinatra. These type songs bring out emotions/thoughts of nostalgia. And to @oldhead49, such impressive instrumental work. I loved everything about this collaboration. Well done, you two!

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Maggie This is amazing,
goosebumps several times…very cool to hear,…and that guitar playing by @oldhead49 :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
there is still a lot to discover for me on this community… :partying_face: :ok_hand:

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What a great collaboration. Superb work both of you.

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@DarrellW what a nice thing to say, you made me smile. Thankyou.

@Rossco01 Thankyou for your comments Jason, I’m glad you can hear space in the mix. I agree with you about the interlude, but Dave wanted it brought down a dB or two. Soundcloud messed with the dB levels too.

@Tim_Wilson awwww Tim that’s so kind of you to say. I feel the same way about Dave’s playing. It was pure heaven to listen to.

@sairfingers So now you’re sucking up to me you bat hater :grin: nah only jokin’ There’s quite a few versions with singers, my favourite is Eva Cassidy, though hers isn’t considered a jazz standard. Both Sides of the World, yes, we could also be Upside Down. Learning the basics of using a DAW has been worth the effort Gordon. It’s like many aspects of learning music, many rabbit holes to explore, one could spend a lifetime in just one.

@pkboo3 Pam so generous of you thankyou. It’s a emotional song for me, painful and in some ways I hate it. Have a listen to some of the women singing it - Ella Fitzgerald, Paula Cole (I can hear you with your lovely smoky voice doing this version) and my most favourite Eva Cassidy.

@roger_holland Rogier this is such a compliment, I hope Dave reads it. Thankyou very much. There were many times that I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes as I listened to his play.

@SgtColon Many thanks Stefan, it was a wonderful experience to work with Dave. I’m so very fortunate.

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Big smile on my face listening to this :smiley:
It almost feels as if you two are my guitar ‘Ersatz parents’, and indeed, I feel a youthful joy witnessing such wonderful things happen across the world.
I missed the original version but thoroughly enjoyed Dave’s recent instrumental.
Is this the same batty lady who has questioned her technical ability a number of times over the last couple of years?
Well you kocked this one right outta the ball park
Take a bow, both of you :sunglasses:

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