OM VII songs played on the live stage! Fortunate Son & Sweet Dreams

It is what it is and that stuff can get in your head if you let. Don’t let it. Control what you can control and then let 'er rip!

Also, it has to be equal parts joy and grief working with a live drummer. It takes a fair amount of joint practice to really become tight. No dings for that as well.

Tons of respect from me on what you are doing!

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Superb performance Jason :clap:
I think your band sounds very thight!! I liked the sweet dreams better than CCR, but thats just my personal preferance.
And yeah. That one and seven nations army gliding into eachother… wicked!!

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And this tells me I need to sort the Trio out or some form of BT for future OMs. I definitely speed up on the day and that introduces errors, well that’s my theory. Been trying to teach the Trio some latter day punk this afternoon (that’s anything post 85) and its been an interesting afternoon ! That’s the polite description.

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Jason, it is always a pleasure to simply watch, listen and enjoy.
It is an equal pleasure to sit back and marvel at your progression from hesitant solo strummer, to one part of a duo, to an increasingly confident and rounded front man for a band. The focus and the pressure is all on you as guitarist and singer. But, Brian nailed it - the drummer is the absolute bed rock of what the band do.


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@Richard_close2u Thank you Richard and your comments are appreciated. I think I’ve been lucky from a band perspective as none of us have been playing for years and years (although Lisa the drummer has played in bands before) and all of us are happy to progress at a steady pace. I’d be a liar if I said it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort practicing but you get it back in spades when you perform and for me it’s introduced me to a completely different social scene.


An enjoyable watch as always Jason. Thanks for sharing.

I too favoured the Eurythmics song but that is probably my age.

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Thank you for watching/listening Stefan and glad you enjoyed. To be honest the old 60s rock stuff goes down really well. It really does just depend on the audience you are playing too.

Enjoyable couple of songs, CCR are one of my favourites. Audience seemed to appreciate them as well, alway s a good sign. From memory of the last time you posted the sound was much better.

They were nicely done, Jason. Particularly liked Sweet Dreams. Pretty good recordings for a live gig as well. I wonder what was used?

@Willsie01 Thanks John and glad you enjoyed. I recorded them and I used a GoPro 9 shot at 4K so I could some a little. The sound was just using the normal inbuilt mic. It’s not bad but could be a lot better. I’m thinking about getting a Zoom H2N and trying that alongside it.

@skinnyt Cheers Trevor and glad you liked it. Oh yes sound was significantly better this time. Not sure what he’d done last time but it was distorting like mad.

Great job, really nice vocal too!!!

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Thanks Mark and glad you enjoyed it! Plenty of our other stuff in the live performance section of the community.