OM VII songs played on the live stage! Fortunate Son & Sweet Dreams

So I’m going to post this here as only I post in the Playing Live section. Feel free to move if you would like Richard/David/Lieven.

So I played Fortunate Son and Sweet Dreams at the Community OM on Saturday and thought you’d like to see how these came out playing them on Sunday evening in a band environment. Both went really well and we pretty much got them spot on. Sound - at the venue - was a big improvement on last time as well although my guitar could have been lifted a little more.

Fortunate Son

Sweet Dreams


I’ll check them out later, Jason.

@LievenDV @Richard_close2u I think recordings get far better viewing and comments posted in AVOYP. I think it is OK to leave this here for now and we can move it with it’s replies to the Live sub-category after a while. Trick of course is to remember that.

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Aha no need for FB. Will spins these up for a listen. Thank you Jason !

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Two crackers Jason, really enjoyed them as a live band performance. But Saturday’s performance was just as polished as a solo. These gigs are really elevating both your singing and playing. Big thanks to the rest of the band!


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Really great job there Jason, you guys are a natural just cracking on like it’s a piece of cake! And audience enjoyed it a lot as well, spectacular!

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Thanks Toby. Yeah it was a good night last night. Usually what let’s it down a little is the sound setup but it was ok last night. We pretty much landed the songs spot on as well which is always a bonus.

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Thanks Adi…I’m glad it comes across okay but it’s anything but a piece of cake as we all know and no matter how many times we play some of the songs one of us usually glitches somewhere…it’s keeping going that is key.


Very nice! I am a huge CCR fan which also helped the experience. :grinning:


Loved sweet dreams I have not checked the CCR out yet but i will!!! Very nice Rossco01!!

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Fantastic, it’s interesting to see/hear how the drum and bass + reverb and audience of venue add so much to your performance, definitely becomes more than the sum of all parts.

Knocked it out of the park!


Performing live with other players is not an easy thing. I have mad respect for you and your group for doing such a great job. Both songs were well done and the audience seemed appreciative. Nice share!

Great sound Jason. It’s interesting how the environment and being a group influence your performance. There’s an extra vibe and more energy as you reach out to the live audience.

Nice work.

You guys just keep getting better, Jason. Both these sounded great.

@TheCluelessLuthier Thanks Mark glad you enjoyed Fortunate Son. Yeah we like CCR too and any rock song from that era really.

@Bytron08 Hey Byron thanks for checking out Sweet Dreams definitely a more challenging one for us.

@liaty Yeah it completely different playing as part of a group and in a live environment. Great when it goes well though.

@CT @batwoman @DavidP Thanks Clint, Maggie, David I always appreciate you listening and for such positive feedback.

Excellent set Jason :grinning:
I agree your guitar could have been a tad louder, but that’s just being picky!
You guys look really solid as a unit. I never thought of it before, but a lot kinda rests on the drummer to pick the right tempo to start the song off. I know I often start too fast or slow when I play by myself :roll_eyes:
Always admire your ability to hit the high notes.
About 2 minutes into Sweet Dreams, I picked up a definite 7 Nation Army vibe. Cool.
You got them clapping/wavin’ their hands in the aiir-
Next time maybe a bit of swinging over the audience on some of that gym equipment? :rofl:

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Ahh Brian you always get me chuckling…you are correct that EVERYTHING anchors on the drummer and we have constant conversations about whether she should be quicker or slower. Sometimes she’ll get carried away and speed up and as a guitarist it is impossible to bring it back so you have to go with it! She was pretty steady on Sunday so all was good.

You are also correct on the Sweet Dreams/Seven Nation Army vibe and we are thinking that we’ll learn Seven Nation Army so we can segue seamlessly from one to the other which we think will be quite cool.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing- always great to hear you play! :smiley:

Your previous gig also popped up on my YT feed - Such a contrast between venues - you have so much space there compared to The Lion Inn! :grin:

As I mentioned before - I like the sound / vibe on your version of Sweet Dreams :smiley: the Seven Nation Army mashup / segue will be cool! :grinning:

Thanks Al! that is the joy/misery of playing open mics…really it’s just the ritual of playing live. You never quite know what the space will be like or indeed more importantly what the sound set-up will be like. The Lion is like being in someones very small lounge…the old chap is a drummer and since we’ve been going he’s slowly been spreading/increasing the space he’s using which doesn’t leave a lot for us! It’s all valuable experience though because you can then pretty much cope with anything. Similarly you don’t have the luxury of lots of time to setup so you have to get efficient at what you bring and make sure you are ready to go. All good fun.

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The sound guy and sound system at the venue are some of the biggest challenges tied to playing live. The times that I played live the sound was acceptable maybe half the time. It’s really hard to nit or ding someone on their mix when the mix is usually out of their control.

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True Clint…I think on one of the video you saw him wondering across at least twice to tweak the levels up. The best ones are ones that have the digital mixer with ipad…they can stand out front and tweak on the fly. Usually get a much better sound (front of house anyway…output from the monitors is a whole other thing).