OMG so cool

I hope this link works, cool guitar photo/movie of my playing space and a guitar I just sold.

Make sure to hit play!

The first is to my iCloud, so hopefully safe. The second is to the app website that made it, so no idea, if not safe I am in trouble.


The video works. Nice space :slightly_smiling_face: Do you have shower curtains separating your guitar space from the rest of the room? :shower:

They both play fine, love the matrix-y effect at the start, but the second one went round and round so much I started feeling seasick!!! :face_vomiting: :rofl: :rofl:

Well, not shower curtains, but curtains. The whole basement was unfinished walkout and we don’t yet want to spend the gobs of money to fully refinish it. So I did that little nook myself (don’t look closely at the drywall , please​:man_facepalming:t3:). I needed an office for my telemedicine call shifts and a place to play. Came out nice enough. Thanks! I didn’t expect the 3D video to include the whole room, I thought it would be just the guitar. I would have cleaned up if I knew :scream:.


Looks tidy enough to me :sunglasses:

Very cool Josh! :grin:
Nice space & a beautiful centerpiece… that’s a Larivee?


Thanks, I didn’t mean to showcase the whole space! I was just using a cool 3D rendering to photo the guitar.

The guitar is a Larriveé, yes. I did love that guitar, but I sold it today and already mailed it off. Playing the other guitars in the background much more often and have my eyes on one for sale… need to sell one more before I buy it, though. Or maybe if tax season isn’t as hard on me as I expect :face_with_monocle:

Cool video, Joshua, good luck with the basement

Sorry, but I’m not enjoying the click-baity title.




Yes, haven’t even bothered to see what this is all about.

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That is a great space, Joshua and a nifty video too.

Older people using OMG is not cool :blush:…the video pretty much is :sunglasses:

Ha! I didn’t even think of that. It is kind of a click bait title I agree, but it’s not. That isn’t how I roll. Up to you, though. Just a cool picture I was excited about.

I hope that my history on the forum over the years has built somewhat of more thoughtful reputation.

Definitely not cool, but I never pretend to be cool, and I have a 14 yo daughter, so it was a little in joke to myself about what they sound like…:roll_eyes:

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And I use the word cool far too often and definitely the symbol so … and I’m 50 now, but I do pretend a little so :smile:… so not really cool either … according here I guess :roll_eyes:

So you can’t say “awesome” either dude ! :wink:

O … I think I have to say that I am Dutch and I try so hard and I don’t understand it all … omg a cool dutchy trying to speak awasome slang with a … no no i stop now …doei :roll_eyes: