One Direction-Story of My Life

This week I decided to add another song to my JG resume. I’ve been working on a duet with my daughter and she is quite good already for being 11 and new to playing. This one is just me one take on acoustic. I saw a video of The Offspring covering this song so I thought if Noodles can do it I can too. Nothing fancy but here it is. I’ve been battling illness this week so excuse my voice. I thought the pros power through illness too so I should be able to somewhat. Maybe I’ll still get a version with my daughter playing with me to share.



Nice one Jeff! I also have an 11 year old daughter who is learning and it’s the best feeling ever to play together. I guess you are not a one direction fan but I also end up playing stuff by Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor swift just so I can play songs with her.
Back to your post and you have nice and steady strumming on this one and your vocals have also improved a lot. Thanks for sharing!

Good job Jeff keep up it up

That was really good Jeff. You look super relaxed and the vocals were very nice.

Is that a Korn t-shirt that you have on? One D in a Korn t, keeping it real. :wink:

That would be very cool.

I hope you’re feeling better.

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the positive comments and encouragement. For One Direction I admit I am not a fan of the group in general, but I do appreciate the song and really enjoyed playing it. I can relate to what you said about your daughter choosing music from her genre. My daughter likes the new Olivia Rodrigo song from the Hunger games movie so I may need to try that one too.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks a lot for listening and sharing your thoughts. I was inspired last night when a viewer on you tube added a comment that she will add my version to her personal playlist. That was a really nice feeling to know someone listens to my music I put out there. I rarely get any comments from the public.

Hi Stefan,

Yes you caught that I was wearing a Korn T-shirt during the one direction song lol. Have to stay true to my rock n roll self somehow. I’m glad you liked the song. My daughter said it was easy peazy after she learned the mini f when we did that Elvis song together that I posted here last month. She liked that triplet melody. We now have 3 songs we can perform together if the opportunity comes up. I’m supposed to do a Christmas performance for a small group on the 24th so maybe she can join in a little. I don’t play any Christmas songs though lol. I’ll have to learn something I suppose.

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Hey Jeff me and my daughter use to play guitar together and she also sang like an angel before I lost her. So have fun with your daughter and cherish every moment you can have with her.

Ahhhh, nice one Jeff. I hope you enjoy that. Try and get a video if you can? It would be great to watch.

In it’s simplest form, Winter Wonderland is an easy one to do. Have you downloaded Justin’s free Christmas song book?

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Nice one Jeff! Enjoyable listen to a nice pop song… not one of my favorite songs really but it is one of my favorite music videos!!! If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out!!!
Kinda nice to see Harry Styles before he got so… whatever he is now!!!
Thanks for posting!!!


That’s very sound advice Jeff. I definitely agree with you. People often take days like this for granted until it’s forever gone.

Thanks Stefan. I’ll try that song and check out Justin’s e-book. I used to be able to play O Christmas tree on piano when I was very young and stilll remember the notes. Hopefully I can get someone to record my little performance.

Hi Tod,

I’m glad you appreciate the song. I was kinda spontaneous on choosing this song to try. I guess that’s how music works sometimes . I’ll have to watch the original video from one direction. I also your NM pics in the other post-very cool. I haven’t been to Albuquerque in years but remember nice scenery there.

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Hey Jeff. That has be one of your best to date. Really good vocal on that one too. Well done.

Hi Gordon,

That means a lot to hear you say that. I appreciate you taking the time to listen. I felt pretty good about this one have a great week

Here’s the video… very cool imagery I think!


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Hi Stefan,

I ended up catching a nasty flu virus that kept me in bed the past couple weeks so I ended up having to cancel. I’m sure there will be other opportunities in the future. I would not wish how I’ve felt on my worst enemy. I’m just now starting to improve to the point I can function.

I bought myself a boss katana guitar amp for Christmas so I am hoping to test that out when I feel better in 2024. Can you believe Don Henley’s group cited me with copyright on one of his songs I covered? Was I really that good that it bothered the Eagles and they removed it from my u tube channel. That was funny yet not. I’m now leery of covering hotel California lol.
Hope you have a wonderful 2024 and rock on.

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Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear that Jeff and yes, I’m sure there will be.

I hope you are on the road to recovery now.

All the best for 2024.