One Looper to rule them all

From Ed Sheeran no less, along with some help from Headrush. They have also come out with a lower-cost, simplified unit for us mere mortals.




Looks Cool!
Thanks Richard!


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A little too pricey and complicated for me. I’m a one knob, one button, one light looper guy. I overpaid for a Ditto at $100 US, but it has hung in there for me.

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I would love to give this a try. Functionally it seems very similar to the RC600. Similar routing options, similar midi control, similar options for loop ‘modes’.
However the form factor is much nicer - and the screen/feedback seems a large improvement.

I might be spoiled, but for the price 4 tracks doesn’t seem like enough.
Would be nice if you could switch into a ‘second bank’ and get 8 out of it. ( Unless they said that and I missed it?)
That being said, I know a lot of pro loopers make frequent use of ‘undo/redo’ which opens up a whole new world, and reduces the need for more. I just throw things on separate tracks as I find it easier to manage.


It has 99 layers on each track and you can peel/bounce/overdub etc so its more useful than just 4 layers, if you’ve seen Ed use it it looks pretty flexible

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I suspect the Looper X will be massive overkill for most of us here, and the Looper + would be more appropriate. It’s still quite spendy for a looper, but it’s worth considering it has two tracks where most loopers on the market only have one. I actually think Ed’s demo of the Looper+ is even more impressive than the one above for the Looper X:




I know its massively beyond my limits for sure.

The gtx-100 looper is okish but not the easiest to use, a more user friendly one for the fx loop would be better.

But then I can just record/sequence in ableton live, again bit of a pain but I am not doing this live haha