One Minute Chord Changes app Chord Directory

Im trying to learn both beginner guitar and beginner Ukulele. Ive been using the One Min Changes app quite a bit for guitar and would like to use it for ukulele as well. Im thinking it would be nice to have Uke chords separate from guitar chords. Maybe stored in a separate chord directory or have two versions of the app, one for guitar and one for ukulele. Think it could get confusing having both uke and guitar chords all tossed in the same directory. Any way to create multiple chord directories or to have separate version of the app for guitar and ukulele? Not being able to delete chords that are already in the chord directory would also present an issue for Ukulele specific One Minute Change chord directory. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thought about loading app on both iPad and MacBook using one for Uke and the other for guitar but guess app doesn’t support MacBook.

Assuming what I want to do cant be done, as a work-around I prefaced ukulele chords with “Uke” as in “Uke Am”. At least doing so grouped all “Uke” chords together at bottom of chord directory. Just have to ignore first or last two strings.