One Minute Timer App for IPAD

Hi, very new here. I have down loaded the one minute timer app is this supposed to record the amount of chord changes you have completed. I am getting nothing on my IPAD.



Are you talking about the JustinGuitar app? If so you may not have given it access to your microphone.

In the iPad settings go to Privacy & Security > Microphone and then scroll down to Justin Guitar and enable microphone access.

Thanks for the reply th JustinGuitar app works perfectly, in he app store he has a “one minute changes app” I know when I did a practice routine in the guitar app it recorded how many chord changes in one minute. The new app however is not doing that I was just wondering was it supposed to. Thanks

This app?

I have not used it, but I think you have to count the changes yourself and enter them into the app.

The Songs and Lessons app used to work the same way, but recent versions now listen to your playing, and do the counting for you.

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Thank you for your response. What a shame it would have been a totally brilliant app if it could hear me. Mind you if it could hear me it would get depressed very quickly :grin:


Apps never get depressed… they’re having WAY TOO MUCH FUN driving us humans crazy!!! :crazy_face:

Love/Hate technology…


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