One of my favourite albums ever - Poets of the Fall

Hi everyone
Decided to share some music here after listening to it again yesterday and discovering that neither the album nor the band wasn’t ever mentioned here before.
So, Poets of the Fall - Alexander Theatre Sessions. This is one of my favourite albums and just a wonderful piece of music.
PotF is the Finnish band that I absolutely love and this albums consists of unplugged covers of their songs from previous records they made during the pandemic. Some songs have only piano, some only guitars and the last 3 feature and orchestra. And it is amazing!
Marko Saaresto has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard and the rest of the band are brilliant musicians as well.
So I highly recommend checking it out and then they have 9 studio albums to listen to as well.

YouTube playlist and Spotify link.



Thanks you for the link. Very enjoyable. Some excellent guitar playing and fine singing.


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Glad you enjoy it.