One thing starting this guitar journey has taught me already

I’ve been doing Justin’s course beginner grade one for about 6 months now
and one thing that’s it’s made an impact on is my taste in music

doing the practice songs

bands like Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd and an artiste like Neil Young have never been really on my register yes I’ve heard of them but never really followed their music

but I’m loving learning their songs and really see them in a different light now

be interesting to know if any artistes or bands have done the same while on this journey for others


Yes! I didn’t realize how many Foo Fighters songs I liked until I played them/saw Justin playing them in a video. I ended buying Dave Grohl’s book and reading it a couple months back as direct result of starting Justin’s lessons.

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As far as songs go one thing this course has taught me is that some songs I thought were impossible are actually within reach if I simplify. The audience listening to me play does not care if it sounds exactly like the original artist. People are just happy to hear spontaneous music. I am very grateful that Justin’s course helped build my confidence. Alexis-foo fighters songs are awesome. One day soon I will post one here-working on “Learning to Fly” lately.



I put a number of songs from grade 1 in a playlist in YT music, and the radio it created based on that is pretty awesome! And yes, I’ve started to listen differently to music. It’s a pretty awesome experience.

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Yes it did make a difference to me, it basically updated me from the 60’s / 70’s music to much more recent bands.
However, my biggest change in tastes musically has been via looking more at genres other than my old favourite go to’s!
I have posted a lot in the thread “what are you listening to now”, my latest interests are Symphonic metal, mostly Nightwish, Jinjer and Epica; it’s been a bit of a rabbit hole for me :joy: as regards playing their music…… I very much doubt it!

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