One year progress/Brave as a Noun cover

Hi everyone! Just figured I’d upload something to mark my one-year progress learning guitar, any feedback is welcome.

This is a pretty basic, mostly open-chord song with a couple of F barres throughout. I feel like I’ve become pretty confident with basic chord shapes since starting, and this year I really want to focus on getting better at single string picking, learning some more complicated riffs and maybe even some solos.

Right now I’m working through module 16 and also trying to learn bends/improve my alternate picking.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and please excuse my singing. :grin:


That sounds great well done

Happy first anniversary Jonathan :smiling_face: It’s good to read that you’re feeling confident with basic chord shapes. It shows in the way you play. Your plans for the next year sound good. Your singing is fine, so no more apologies. OK?

Congrats on the one year anniversary, Jonathan. The playing and singing were great, so concur with @batwoman … nothing there to apologise for. Be loud and proud and look forward to more as you progress, please don’t wait for the second anniversary :grin:

Happy first guitarversarry Jonathan. That was great. Steady strumming, clean chords and I thought your vocal suited the song really well.

If you want more detailed critique on your guitar technique I’d suggest posting a video AVoYP next time. Others can point out aspects of your play that you are unaware of.

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Not much more from me except congratulations on the anniversary!

Thank you for the very kind words everyone :grin: I will definitely try and keep some semi-regular updates and will look into doing some video recordings. Bending and alternate picking at a decent speed has been challenging to say the least and I’m sure there are plenty of technique tips I could use!

Congrats on your first year Jonathan.

That was a great piece of music. Loved the playing and singing.

Happy anniversary Jonathan, a great rendition to mark it, well done! :clap:

Oh and PS - singing was great!!

Hi Jonathan,
Happy first one :sunglasses:
I echo all that has been said above, and looking forward to your first video,

This is solid!

Wow, for a year in you got it going well. Enjoyed your offering and do post more!


For a year in thats great. Nothing wrong with the playing or singing.