Online Guitar Tuners?

I’ve been trying to find good guitar tuners online and I don’t want to spend money on something that my phone can do for free. The Justin Guitar tuner is the best I can find, however it is only restricted to the standard EADGBE tuning. Are there any that can tune drop D or other tunings that are either on the Google Play Store or App Store. Thanks

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Boss Tuner

Fender Tuner


All of the above have chromatic tuner modes, and some have specific modes for different instruments like bass and uke.

There’s loads of others. The main thing is to look for chromatic tuners. Most will be ad supported with the option to purchase an ad-free version.



For my phone, I use CarlTune which is very feature rich and free with ads or $6 without. I also use the Fender app mentioned above.

For iPhone I use this one, has lots of tunings

the app Alltune has a chromatic function without ads. it shows a progressive line which I find handy

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I found out that they are all good, nowadays!!!
Play every day, and tune before you play!!!