Online Mini-Gig 001 - nzmetal, JK, jenndye429

OMG - how awesome was that?! :star_struck:

Only thing that really makes me sad: I missed it completely. :scream: But thanks so much for uploading it and sharing with us! It was an entertaining, amusing and delightful listen even though I only knew one of the songs - shame on me! I had so much fun while watching you performances and just enjoyed! :smiley:

@nzmetal You were totally rocking this. :metal: I’m not much into metal, but your performance caught me completely, just didn’t want it to end! It sounded great, awesome playing and singing. Bravo! :clap:

@jkahn JK, your version of Hurt was just brilliant and touching and your voice just is perfect for this one - this is a true gift. The 2 others were also very well done, but this was like the icing on the cake! :clap:

@Jenndye429 Jenn and Dan, you’re so much fun to watch performing together. Loved it how you rocked this. As softie, I liked the Oasis-song best out of yours, but also the others sounded great, had an awesome drive! :clap:

To all the performers: More of it, please!! :star_struck:


Finally had time to watch the whole video. Looks like everyone had a good time. Well done Guys and Gal. looking forward to the next one.


Wow. Everyone was great and entertaining. Sorry that I had to miss the original, but still recovering (Covid) and past my bedtime. I’ve been on the JG site for almost a year and think this is the first live event that I listened to and I really find it inspiring to see where your guitar skills have taken all of you. Kudos for playing live. That takes even more fortitude and confidence than recording and I still have the shakes with that. So congratulations for your live gig.


Steve next live event is JGC Open Mic XVII on July 8th, why not join us ? Sign in here


As much as I enjoyed the live show, thought I’d chill and watch the recording and relive it all again !!

Jen you are a natural host ! Great intro, would love to have you do the MC Hammer “Don’t Touch This” at a future OM !!

Jeff you were obviously well stoked (?) for this one. Had the new studio monitors on for this and it all sounded so much better than listening through cans on Saturday !! Those riffing fingers were dancing all over the place. Man I’d forgotten about Venom, great track, nailed it and great growly vocals. FWTBT what a cool heavy riff. Great mix of speed picking and slower but more dynamic expressions, Kudo for laying down riffs like this and singing. I am very selective with pre Black Album Metallica but this one is on my go to list. Super vox in this one. And to finish with a Lemmy special, man that was awesome ! That was a great closer !
Great set :metal: :metal::metal:

What a cool transition to the the man from Brisbane !
Loved your version of Hurt, man those vox were way down low and exploring a new deep bluesy territory. Man I love this song JK and you had me singing along and the playing was rock solid, That geetar sounded so sweet. Plush was one if those songs I don’t recall the band or the title but instantly recognise the song. Great key for your vox and some great stretchy chords on show and great rhythm. As to the 1 in a 1000 no one noticed but you. :scream: Super job. And boy was I looking forward to you doing Everlong again after thinking it was out of the park at the mini gig. Wow it is really super fast and boy you were working overtime. Inspirational as its a song I know I could play tempo wise but doubt the ability to sing as well. The horizontal Aussie showed me the way. Thank you Brisbane !!

Then back to the cool natural hostess who is Portland’s JD. Go Oregon !!
Being such an old geezer Garbage was a newun for me but sure sounds like something my daughter would’ve punted my way back in the day. Shoot whatever it was a cracker and full of energy. Super vox as usual, so much attitude and great playing. Cool percussion from the man at the back as always and a little subtle vocal backing, go Dan !!! Another that sounded so much better on the monitors opposed to Zoom cans. Yeah old but not that old go RATM!! Super WAH Jen !! Always amazes me these guy come out of LA, sounds more like Detroit motor city. Cool riffing and rhythm Jen but sorry Dan stole the show on this one - don’t encourage him !! :wink: Boy then a trans Atlantic switch to Manchester and Oasis (not just a fizzy drink). Super HB looks real sweet. Great song choice. I have a big blind spot for a lot of 90s muzik but always loved a lot of the songs they put out. Fond memories of Live Forever going through the old Beginners Course, should give it a go after your inspirational performance. It was magic. Cool grungy Manc tone on the guitar and your vox fitted like a glove ! Great cover. You have so much energy Jen always a joy to watch the two of you. Love the way your guitar neck is pointing at the stars - newbies pay attention “this is how its done”! The last one was sure “I know this” but ain’t a scooby of the song name or band, so Dan called it right! Great energy to close with, letting your hair down Jen. Super confidence on display and taking it to another level. Going from strength to strength with the live performances, Super slick speed changes on this one, a real corker.

Format worked really well. Good balance of songs, seamlessly moving from one performer to another. So good to see Jeff’s initiative come to life and look forward to more of these in the future. Was also good to hang and chat in the “green room” after the show.

Lovely to relive this again, thank you all. :pray:



Thanks so much @franzek @Rossco01 @Lisa_S @stitch @SteveL_G99 & @TheMadman_tobyjenner !!! Super appreciate all your kind words!! :smiley: :+1:

100% agree Franz!! :guitar:

You are most welcome! But also THANK YOU for coming!! Having the live audience really is what makes it special, so very grateful to you and all who made it on the night, especially giving the tricky timing for some! :smiling_face:

:rofl: All good points, Andrea! I hadn’t considered the math on this! :confounded: :joy: Yes, let’s just party every time!!! :partying_face: :sweat_smile: Thanks again for coming the other night, it was so great to see you and chat together afterwards too :hugs:

Thanks Jason!!! :smiley: I didn’t really think vocals (and I say that word specifically as opposed to singing, which will be something I’ll aspire to further down the track! :sweat_smile:) would be something I’d attempt in a public setting, but after dipping my toe in at the last OM and reading @TheMadman_tobyjenner’s inspirational journey along with watching @jkahn’s excellent progress, I thought why not just keep going?! :laughing:For Whom the Bell Tolls” I found especially tricky as it had a lot of lyrics compared with the other two but all three had challenges. However, really enjoying adding that component to my performance - great fun! :sunglasses: :+1:

Thanks Lisa!! :smiley: No worries about not making it live and thanks so much for checking out the recording! So glad you enjoyed it! Especially considering my set wasn’t the typical genre you (and perhaps most here :thinking: ) listen too! I love how understanding you all are of my musical tastes! :joy:

Thanks Rick! :smiley: Yeah it was great fun! I hope some others are keen to pick up the banner it give it a whirl too! :+1:

Thanks Steve! :smiley: Glad you enjoyed the recording and found it inspiring. Yes, playing live does add that extra level of stress, in addition to the nerves of playing there’s also the hoping that both your gear & the technology holds up! :joy: (I broke a string on the guitar I was going to use in the practice just before the event started, despite having changed them the day before, so had to switch to my other one and was crossing my fingers it wouldn’t do the same! :crossed_fingers: :grimacing: :sweat_smile: Although, looking back, I am extremely grateful it happen then and not during my set! :joy:) Hope you are starting to feel better now :slight_smile:

:rofl: Totally agree, Toby!! @Jenndye429 would be a brilliant OM MC! :woman_singer:

Thanks Toby! :smiley: Super appreciate your kind words! It was brilliant to have you there live and really enjoyed chatting before and after the show. Stoked (meaning “excited or euphoric” - comes from being a surfer I think :wink: :sweat_smile:) that you know of Venom!! Somewhat ridiculed back in the day (even by Lemmy I believe) but hugely influential on the next next wave of metal, especially on thrash and then especially what came out of Scandinavia in the '90s. Really like their first couple of albums. You did cross my mind when I looked at playing the Motorhead track, was just hoping to do it justice! :metal:

Thanks for the feedback on this aspect, Toby (and during our chat on the night). I really hope it does inspire others to give it a crack. Would be awesome to watch it evolve over time and become an exciting part of the community experience in a similar way that the outstanding OMs are already :sunglasses: :+1:


Thank you so much for watching! Glad we could help you discover some new music too :grinning:

Thanks Adi! We certainly love our RATM :wink: After the show Dan and I discussed which song to learn next :guitar:

@MAT1953 @NicoleKKB @franzek Thank you so much for watching and the nice comments!

Thank you Jason! It definitely was more work switching through all the effects, but I was happy to put some pedals to good use :laughing:

Thank you for watching Lisa! Dan is a huge Oasis fan, so he was happy that I wanted to do that song. It definitely grew on me the more I played it :+1:


Toby, thank you so much for all the amazing feedback! Dan was already looking up the words to RATM No Shelter after the show :laughing: I think he wants to do that one next.

Glad I could introduce you to some new stuff and remind you of some old favorites!

Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement too. I feel like every performance I do, I get a little better and more confident and I’m glad you are picking up on that too. I always enjoy sticking around and chatting with you after the shows as well.


Thanks. I am feeling much better now. I am almost completely recovered. The forced down time has let me dive deeper into the community posts than normal. It has been eye opening and entertaining.



Cool set JK.
First things first.

Bouncing between E-shape F barre chord and C-shape Eb barre chord.
You demon of the barres.
Now, when people ask me when they will ever need to use the C-shape barre I may have another suggestion for them. Although, it looks like a challenging song throughout and those two are just part of that.

Great mini set, it had variety and spice and your baritone delivery was just right for it. Did it come easier performing at a more reasonable time of day?


You and Dan make a great duo with rock and energy and a little punky snarl to boot.
Was that Dan’s singing debut too? I’m unsure on that, whether Dan did sing a song at an open mic or not. If it was then kudos and vibes for giving it the RATM attitude in spades.


@nzmetal @jkahn @Jenndye429

I’d be interested to know how you found the demands of stepping up from a one song slot at an open mic event to doing an expanded set of songs?
Did you find it took more effort, mental and physical energy, focus?
What was the adrenaline buzz like once done?


I’m away on holiday, on mobile so just responding to a couple of direct comments. Thank you everyone for watching & commenting.

Thanks Adrian, which two were on your Wishlist? Plush and Everlong?

The Maton does sound pretty good through its pickup. I’ve played around with a few different amp settings as well to find a sound I like!

And people think Johnny Cash had a deep voice - hah! Although I’m still struggling with getting my vocals right in general, some songs are more in my range than others.

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Really appreciate you checking it out Jason. I feel more comfortable on the acoustic, I think I just like the way it sounds better. Although I do love my electric too.

It is pretty hard to find songs that suit my voice, I’ve got to figure out some more upbeat ones … deep usually means melancholy! Eg Hurt

You’ve got a whole Barry White catalogue to go at. :wink:


I’m glad you liked it Lisa. While I find guitar playing comes somewhat easily (with lots of practice that is, but the rewards seem to come), singing is not so easy for me. It’s been a long road getting to a basic level. Even just… getting on key. I’m glad you liked Hurt, that was the one I felt sounded good (one of probably 2 songs I can do ok).

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Toby, dude, thanks so much for being a big supporter of the event, logging in early to have a yak and for all the feedback! Really helped make the event worthwhile (as well as the others who logged on as audience!)

Glad you liked it. Hurt, Plush, Everlong, they are such fun songs to play and ones I will probably carry with me. Hurt especially, it’s so well known but probably can’t pull it out at any happy events as it could kill the vibe!

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Was wondering if someone would pick up on the C shaped barre, makes sense it’s you Richard.

E shaped barres are probably easier than some open chords for me now, C shaped I learned for this song. Good old one minute changes still works!

Can’t do them fast enough to do 6 string muted percussion between chords, though.

And yeah, I did find the time a bit easier to perform at. Vocals are always hard but I had the time to do a full run through of the set before we started, which helped a lot.

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Lol, mums music :joy:


Sorry for the comment spam, without a PC atm.

I found performing easier with the warmup and getting into the groove.

Prep was much harder - a few of the songs in my repertoire that I have a chance in hell of singing are in Eb or D standard tuning, which is too hard to retune to between songs! I think we all changed songs in the run up to the event.

But I loved doing it, great fun performing & yep the buzz was exciting.