Only You

Only playing mellow music today (in my dressing gown)


Wonderful Julie, lovely chilled rendition of a beautiful song. It was mesmerising watching your fretting hand and fingers dance between the changes, super smooth and that vocal melody change at the end works amazingly well.
I’d love to hear you do that again just a tad slower, you’ve got such a terrific voice you could let those vocals shine even more.
Thank you for sharing! :heart_hands:

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That was lovely Julie. I haven’t heard that song in ages but you covered it beautifully!

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Very nice Julie, nice consistent chord changes (without looking as well!), good timing and nice strumming. Your singing was lovely, very fitting for the piece - I think that I would also like to hear you perform it slower, I’ve heard it performed in a swing style somewhere.
Edit: It was Alison Moyet!

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Thanks @DarrellW. I cant sing like Alison but it was her version i sang along to as a teenager and have loved ever since. I will try to slow it down a little…

What an enjoyable rendition, Julie :smiley:
I had been expecting the Platters’ crooning version, but loved me a bit of Yazoo back in the day!
It doesn’t get more relaxed than that. Your tempo worked fine for me.
I was mesmerized by the spider-like movement of your fretting fingers. Is the delay in fretting the B string (on the D chord) intentional or artifact? (I love and have have loads of idiosyncrasies :laughing:)
Thanks again for the superb reminder of this classic
(Btw. dressing gowns are a ‘thing’- I did one in my first year too :rofl:)

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Very nice Julie I only heard this - Yazoo version - the other day actually on the radio. Nice rendition although I think I agree with another comment that it felt a little fast. Lovely to hear you sing and play the song though.

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Hello Julie, that was really nice! I loved your strumming, the sound of the fingers on the strings…and the way you you switch chords with your strumming hand steady and consistent!

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I enjoyed both your play and vox. Very nicely done. I hope to see & hear more from you at some point.

All the best,

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Lovely rendition, Julie. Playing was excellent and the vocal simply wonderful. Like a few others I thought a wee bit slower to be able to savour all that goodness may be a worthwhile experiment

Cool to hear a synth pop tune played on acoustic guitar, worked ever so well.

And on that note …

@Rossco01 As a big fan of 80s pop, that surprised me, Jason. I confess I’m not somebody into that 80s synth pop in general, but I did like Yazoo’s debut album Upstairs at Erics that included this tune. A record worth giving a listen to.

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Lovely indeed.
Not Alison Moyet but, in my ears at least, Nico.

I have a cure for that.
I am in my dressing gown (post shower) as I write.

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You see David it’s all about language and phrasing! what I SHOULD have said is that I only heard this recently on the radio. Of course I’m a big fan of Yazoo and and oddly followed all of Vince Clarkes bands (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure) through the 80s although in all honesty whilst I love the music I’m not necessarily a fan of his per se given his ditching of DM on the view that they wouldn’t make it.

Depeche Mode stand out band for me from that era.

Reading these comments, not in my dressing gown any longer, and smiling. Thanks so much all, you say such lovely things and are so supportive :blush:

Really nice version of a song I haven’t heard in ages Julie. Well done, lovely vocal and smooth steady finger strumming with clean chord changes.
As for the dressing gown, we’ll all be wearing them soon if we have to turn down the thermostats this winter! :cold_face:

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Phew, normal order in the universe is restored, Jason :laughing:

We had A Broken Frame in the record collection at home back in my latter high school/varsity years. An OK record.

Much later I was taken to a Depeche Mode concert when they came to South Africa, must’ve been '93/'94. Apart from not really liking synth pop nor being moved by the weird video show behind the band, the moment when all the musicians walked down a ramp clapping and the music kept playing was the coup d’grace.

But JC’s version of Personal Jesus is a winner.

Apologies for the hijack, Julie … I’ll behave and keep quiet now :smile:

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Lova that song; great chill rendition!

I agree with wanting to hear it a bit slower so your voice could shine is some more “measured” vocal phrasing

My favourite version was always the a capella version of the Flying Pickets with their “parapam” in choir :smiley:

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That was great Julie I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and love the fact you posted yourself playing in your dressing gown :laughing:

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Lovely chilled version of the song. Nice strumming and chords changes.

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That was a lovely rendition Julie, really enjoyed the laid back feel. :clap:
I must confess my mind went the same way as Brian’s but as you started the penny dropped.
Despite all the various covers mentioned so far I am surprised no on mentioned the only one that sticks in my mind. This one

They could be making a comeback soon :rofl: but only 1 of the 3 mods are likely to see where that’s going, so I’ll park it there.

Great cover.


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Yeah posted it 3 posts higher as well; it is part of my childhood soundtrack, as it had a spell on me since the first time I heard that version. It still comes back to me on random moments, at least once every 2 weeks. Pure genius that composition and sound. goosebumps.