Oops I did it again

Toby!!! What a beautiful new guitar! :heartbeat: Gorgeous :star_struck:! I love those bird inlays of the PRS Guitars. Really an eye catcher. Haven’t listened to your new blues vids yet, but I see you are well prepared for the future…

Nothing wrong with that! Blues will find you anyway, …it’s always present and will never leave :wink:.

Have fun, and I wish you strenghth for your situation. All the best for your “missus” :mending_heart:!

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Hi Toby,
Happy NGD :sunglasses: :partying_face:

Hopefully you won’t be thinking about and looking for your next guitar … this year :grin:

Greetings and have fun flying over the birds :sunglasses:

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I sure will do you want pics and explanation of the Sanding as well? I know mahogany is a porous type of grain in the wood. So I’ll be using a filler of sorts to ensure the grain in the wood is smooth

Looking forward to an AVoYP with the new guitar. You will also be needing a house extension soon to house them all in.

Thank for all the good vibe peeps, too many to reply to individually. Though I am taking a few days break from the acoustic Blues and finger style, I did have a little noodle yesterday and am more than impressed. Set up pretty much suits my playing and I like the slightly brighter tone compared to the Dreads. I also did a quick back and forth between the PRS and the Taka and really did not notice the size difference that much but it does feel comfortable.

In answer to a few questions.

  • Tone as above brighter than a Dread
  • Pups - yes PRS Voiced Fishman Sonitone pickup, controls (vol & tone) are in the soundhole.
  • As for the BM Course it was in the Truefire sale for £10, so I got another couple from Mr Clark, as all this Blues has me itching to play some Sabbath and Purple…amongst others.
  • Are all those guitars mine - no I am just the custodian at this point in time. They are family heirlooms in waiting. Cue McGuinness Flint.


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Congrats, Toby! Happy NGD :partying_face:

Beautiful guitar :star_struck: … and a great collection in the background already :wink:

Have lots of fun with her :guitar:

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Only if you want to. Sanding and painting I can do. I was more wondering about how easily (and accurately) the neck fitting process goes. And the electronics.

Sounds like your discussion needs its own topic guys :thinking:

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: now it’s oh ooops… how do you say in english?! Anyway…the shape is wonderful as well as the colour! Take care of her Toby…no doubt about that, right? :joy:

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Enjoy the guitar sir, looking good.

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Happy belated NGD. Looks fantastic, Toby.

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Belated happy NGD Toby. That is a lovely looking guitar.

Now I’d like to hear you play, “Oops, I did it again” on there. :wink:

One that was played but never hit my Soundcloud acct and never will !! :rofl: