Oops I did it again

So everyone that knows me, knows how much I love Brit Knee but yes …

Oops I did it again ! :scream:

So my missus has had another year housebound and badgered me to get another guitar for Christmas - honestly.

Oi you in the back shouting TELE stop heckling :rofl:

So about the only thing that’s been in my mind after a year of playing old fashion acoustic Blues, was a parlour size acoustic like all the old old legends seemed to play, No problem playing it on the Dreads but something smaller was in order.

So after some window shopping at Thomann this PRS SE P20E Parlour TS shouted come to puppa and as if be magic. Voilla !

Complete with gig bag

And me ?


It needs to settle in but after a quick tune, I bashed out Justin’s Steady Thumb Blues and it felt really comfortable.

Irony is I am sitting hear going though an Angus Clark British Metal Course and my LP Smokey just got moved to the back rack, after all the unpacking had been done.

Already looking forward to 2024.

Rock on Peeps in a Bluesy kinda way !



Very nice Toby!!!

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Wow looks great Toby happy NGD! Looking forward to hear how it sounds with acoustic blues :wink:

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Ooh … happy NGD from Santa

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Oh, that’s a real beauty :star_struck:. I like the dark brown wood. I’m already curious to hear her sound :smiley:.
I wish you a great ‘honeymoon’ :grin:!

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Looks awesome Toby. How does it sound? Is it pure acoustic or does it have a pickup too?

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The clues in the E :+1:

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Congratulations. I’ve got a parlor I pull out for various gigs from time to time. Awesome

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Very nice mate! Pretty sweet that it came with a gig bag too! :smiley: :+1:

Liking the sound of this!!! :metal::metal::metal:

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That’s a good looking guit! Play on playa!

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Mine loves me so much she bought me a electric kit guitar. She knows how I like tinkering so this was perfect. It has a solid mahogany Body, now do I stain it or paint it :thinking:.


Way to go Toby, can’t beat the little blues boxes :heart_eyes:

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Can you please post your progress in building it. The idea of putting together my own guitar intrigues me and I’d be interested in how it goes for you. Oh, and welcome!


@TheMadman_tobyjenner looks great!

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Those go to 11


Happy NGD there, :slight_smile:

Nice looking :guitar:

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I’ll see your Children Of Bodom and raise you a Richard Thompson.

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Happy NGD Toby! Magic! :sparkles: :guitar:
You had to do it, couldn’t let your wife down… :smile:

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Happy NGD Toby. They are super guitars and great value for money.

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