Open 7th Chords

Dominant chords, also known as seventh chords, are awesome to play Blues guitar and many other styles!

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What about F7? Is it not playable?

Hi Andy welcome to the forum, in this lesson Justin is covering just the Open 7th chords for beginners. For F7 there are a couple of open shapes but I would suggest way beyond the scope of Beginner Grade 2. Hope that answer the question, others may add to what I have said,

From what I recall it makes its first appearance in the first intermediate lessons for the E Shaped barre chords.

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Hi there! There’s a little error on the E7 (alt) chord diagram. On the second string it appears the ‘o’ on top as if we had to play the open string, which is impossible as we have to add the 4th finger in the 3rd fret. :sweat_smile:

Not a big deal but just in case Justin wants to fix it.


Just the E7 shape with a barre on 1st Fret, no?

Error reported to @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team for a fix. Thanks :slight_smile:


Just found a fun song for practicing the E to B7 chord changes. IVE BEEN EVERYWHERE CHORDS (ver 2) by Johnny Cash @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Funny thing is, when i was learning that ‘exploring chords’ lesson couple weeks ago i discovered C7 accidenttaly and it sounded so good and i was like ‘did i just invented a new chord’.