Open E Blues Rhythm Lick

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I think a tab for this would have been very helpful.

Hello @Wozza_UK and welcome to the community.
I could be a harsh guide and direct you to transcribe and tab it all out for yourself. In the long run that sort of exercise is much more useful to your development. But, given as it is your first post I will be kind and do the work for you.
I have created a mini track with a couple of bars of chunka-chunka (note the triplet-swing feel) then some bars of the embellishment lick Justin teaches, ending with an open E power chord.

This is a close up of the lick itself in two successive bars.

Note that in the first bar the open E, B and G strings are played with an upstrum then in the second bar the open D, G and B strings are played with a downstrum - each of these immediately followed by that hammer on at fret 1 of the G string.

Here is an audio of the fully tabbed part above.

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Thanks for tabbing it our. Very helpful!