Open in new window/tab for songs

Unlike the rest of the site, doesn’t allow opening in a new tab or new window (even by using a keyboard and mouse combination, such as [CTRL]-click).

This makes browsing for new songs a pain, as after clicking a song, and deciding “not yet” (or even “not just now”), when you then go back to the songs page the list is truncated again back to the original set of results if you clicked to “see more songs” before going to a song any filters that you had set have been removed and you have to reconfigure them click again [possibly multiple times] to get back to the liist of songs you were looking at prior to clicking.

Can opening in a new tab/window be enabled, or the filtering list expansion be persisted?


I’d like to see this happen too. :+1:t2:

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On my iPhone, if I long click the link to a song, I get an “open on new tab” option. I am pretty I can open in new tabs on my android tablet as well. Maybe it is just a computer setting problem?
Have you tried setting your browser to “open links in new tab (or window)”?

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This doesn’t happen to me: when I come back after looking at a particular song, my filters are still active. I use Chrome on a mac.

I believe it used to be as you describe, but was fixed by the JG team. I agree it would be nice to be able to open in another browser tab.

Yeah plus one from me, that has always been a pita in my book :angry:

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It’s not a computer setting, since every other website works absolutely fine. Right-click a song link on Justin’s website on PC and you don’t even get the option to open a new tab or window, and the relevant keyboard modifier to do so doesn’t work. Also, I tried it via Firefox on Android and long-pressing does nothing on song links, while working fine on other websites.

This is not the only odd design decision/quirk on Justin’s website, to be honest.

I think it’s because there’s no direct link on each song. The URL’s are taken from json code if I remember correctly.

So that’s why your browser doesn’t offer the usual options for handling links or keyboard shortcuts.

I would like to have this feature too.

Ah, sorry you are right, I messed up my description… I have corrected it now. [I should have said: If you’ve clicked to ‘see more songs’ the list is truncated again back to the original set of results when you go back to it.]