Open Mic 007: Recording + After-Show Chat

Open Mic 007 Saturday 02 April 2022.

I couldn’t resist adding an extra zero to the number.



I would like to start by thanking everyone, all in attendance and those unable to attend, for ‘sponsoring’ this event. Words are not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation. :hugs: :heart: :smiley:


Thank you Richard, you are a heart and soul of this forum, we can be grateful to Justin for getting us all together but it is you who keeps us all together - there can’t be a brick built house without a solid mortar in between the bricks! :heart_eyes:


I am with Adrian on this. I have not had too much to do with you Richard, but it is easy to see how much work you put into this.
I most likely to need some help from you down the road :grin:

And what a blast this night has been, i think emotional is the word for it.
Most of the time it has been a blast!! So thanks for letting me join in on this madness…

You are all superstars in my eyes :raised_hands:t2:


Great work, just amazing efforts by everyone. An evening of fantastic tunes, playing and singing. Couldn’t ask for any more!


Well done everyone! Thanks for the great performances! :grinning:


Great edition!

a variety of genres, nationalities, solo to “full orchestra”

you really raised the bar yet another notch

@DavidP @Richard_close2u and I are very proud of this community :smiley:


Zoom chat transcript:


I loved everything :slight_smile:

It was a great Open Mic event too.


Some people dipping their toe in for the first time plus some time honoured performers.

Everyone and everything was enjoyable.


@LievenDV …I saw that it was great what you played and could hear it too :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…but unfortunately the sound came in very bad here :disappointed_relieved:,…if it was up to your sound I demand a new recording :grin:…please
please :pray:
Greetings and thanks for playing , :grinning:


Thank you everyone who put it together and Richard.

It was so fun, great banter and great music, thanks for letting me be part of it and for being so welcoming not only for the OM but in general.

I hope to see your faces in the next one!


Hey that was a bit of fun wasn’t it ? Such a privilege to support you Richard and give a little back for all you have done for me. Your articles in recent years have been an inspiration to move me into areas I feared to tread. No longer do I fear them, my friend. Thank you.


What a fantastic show, well done to everybody who performed, much appreciation to all who come to watch … means a lot to everybody playing that you took your time to join.

Tip the hat to Brian for organising 007, an extra special OM.

Thanks for providing Zoom Adrian and making the recording for us as you do.


Trond…you were really great … your talk first was great of course nice incoming and the rest WOW


Hope you’ll be playing at the next, Rogier!


I cannot comment much on the actual event apart from the fact that I am really looking forward to hearing all of you play whenit is on Youtube. But from what I saw (Clint and Lieven), it was a great event! And I see a lot of first time performers on the list, so this should be a very enjoyable replay!

Thanks Brian for organising. Thanks everyone for coming. And most importantly, thank you for being a great community. It is genuinely one of the best places on the internet.

I hope I didn’t make your ears bleed or made you think “What the hell is this bloke doing here?!” in the end but blame it on Adi and his power of persuasion.


That was great fun, and a really great show, excellent tribute for Richard. I am very happy and proud to be part of this Community.

And I’m pretty sure I smiled at the end of the song we played - smiling on video for a song, that’s gotta be a first for me! Even Krista noticed how comfortable I was :slight_smile:


Thanks all! I always appreciate the opportunity to play to an audience. I was called away a few times, so I missed a number of acts. My cheerleading will be conspicuously missing in the transcript. Everyone brought a lot of juice to this event. Well done folks!

Note: Setting up a single mic simplified things a lot with the zoom config. Hence no banter from me this time out.


Thanks Roger :pray: i can not recall anything at all… its all black. I have no idea how that went :rofl: i was not nervous at all. But it all came down in the last second… seriously. All is just blank :rofl:

But thanks for your great words. Not sure i believe you though :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Awsome sound Clint!!
I have been dreaming of your guitar sound in the background on the somg i did. It has a lot of small licks with a «hawaii vibe» sound…