Open Mic 007: Recording + After-Show Chat

I have just watched the recording for OMVII and WOW. So much talent on display and enjoying every second of it. So hard to pick out any one but I have to say the Wild Horses of Mari & Krista was sublime.

As a fairly new member of this community, it is obvious of the love and respect shown for Richard comes shining through. Many thanks to everyone that makes this community what it is.

Congrats to everyone


@bigbird that’s very kind of you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Tony, your words are much appreciated.



Nice of you to say Tony and thanks for watching it! :wink:

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What a wonderful 2 hours that was. Such talent, which is just a pleasure to watch.

Bravo, to everyone who performed, especially the first timers.

Lieven, what a great rendition of Small town boy, that was. I’ve never heard it like that before.

Richard, I hope you enjoyed your night and thank you for all that you give to this community.


Unfortunately I had leave before Rod, Clint & Lieven played (actually it was to watch another band locally!) so I’ve just watched for the tail end.

@Rod58 Great example of how to approach an OM for the first time regardless of experience. Loved Vincent thought you played and sang really well and had got the mix between the backing and your playing/singing just right.

@CT Clint as usual a great vibe from yourself sir. The first track classic Clint and that second one wow really great tone. What fx were you using on that? fantastic sustain.

@LievenDV effortless playing Lieven and a great performance on the first one…but the second was my favourite. Glad you came back and did that one.


Thanks for the feedback. I was blown away at you taking on Annie Lennox, it was outstanding in tone and vocal, really enjoyed that. Beautiful PRS too!…Rod


Thanks! I don’t do anything one way or the other regarding sustain, it seems inherent with my rigs. I think playing through a dialed in tube amp does a lot for tone, sustain and note bloom. There’s a connection to a tube amp that is hard to explain.

I used a Rat clone → Phaser/Flanger → analog delay set to slapback for the signal chain. I took a snap shot of my pedal board on my dry run video.

Ahh I missed your dry run I will take a look. The Rat Clone/Phaser/Flager config with the delay worked really well.

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Wow wow wow. I’ve only just had a chance to listen to the recording of the ‘Saturday Night Special’. We had in-laws from France staying at the weekend and now my wife and I are in a holiday cottage in North Wales looking out at the p***ing rain. What a terrific couple of hours entertainment on this wet afternoon.

Loads of talent on display, lots of different levels of play and use of technology but the common denominator was a shared joy in learning and playing guitar.
This was a most fitting tribute to Richard who always goes the extra mile to help and encourage us all.

Well done to you all, performers, organisers and of course Richard.


Thanks! You can hear me click off the Phaser and click on the Flanger for the drone track in the OM and dry run videos.

Nice to hear Big Me. It is an underrated Foo Fighters song.

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Hi Mark thanks for listening and a nice comment! :slight_smile: I love the whole album especially that Dave recorded it himself with no other band members, sick!

In case you are interested we are doing another Open Mic online event this weekend if you would like to join either as an audience member or perhaps a performer :slight_smile: check out the thread below and let us know there if you want to tag along :grinning:

Open Mic 008 - Call for interest

Rod - Your playing and singing is the greatest endorsement for Justin’s song app that I have heard.

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Hey @Mark_in_NJ I just glanced at this old thread and caught your comment. That is very kind indeed. I’m having the blast I’d hoped for with the guitar and the singing thing is a bonus I really wasn’t anticipating. The strum and sing I can actually do to my surprise but finger style and targeting individual strings is my kryptonite right now. Again thanks much!….Rod

Well life is a bit weird at times. Thought I’d check out an older OM to see what it’s all about.
I’ve just binged watched ‘Stath lets flats’. A UK sitcom and there was a few bars of a song I kinda recognized but couldn’t put my finger used in the last episode I watched last night.

Adrian played it beautifully here then I realized what it was . Used in the Sony TV advert some time back, the one with thousands of bouncing balls.

Mystery solved !

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this is so cool! I can’t wait to join! I need tutorial on the Community platform and how to work a clock :rofl: but otherwise thank you for creating this and the recording! It is super helpful to see how it goes and loved watching everyone. Hope to be in the audience 7/9/22 and performing in one of the future ones. cheers to all

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Cool stuff thank you Adrian (love the name btw :grinning:), I knew the advert well but I saw it years and years ago and never associated it with this song for some reason! Brilliant stuff, great for you to remind me of such an amazing advert as well :slight_smile: I am sure you will enjoy the next OM night as all of those are amazing and it’s super fun to attend live and interact with others, either via chat or video/audio. All the best and thanks for appreciation!

Hi Mer, I suggest off the main webpage of Community picking tab Latest and just going through unread topics or at least those interesting to you :slight_smile: Recordings section is one that attracts most people but plenty happening around here which I am sure you will discover at your own pace :slight_smile: See you around!

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thx @adi_mrok I’m on it!