Open Mic 018 After Show Chat

Hope everyone had a terrific time and enjoyed performing and audience-ing :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to catching the recording :slight_smile:

@SDKissFan - Looks awesome Jeff!

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Hi Jeff, as soon as you mentioned that you were having a BBQ with friends I thought my Spanish speaking audience may have increased for this OM. I’m glad they enjoyed it.

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Mal, this one is a bit delayed unfortunately, partially because the first render was corrupted (don’t worry, recording is fine!) and partially because we’re still getting sorted with the new YT channel.

@adi_mrok and @Richard_close2u are working on it.


Thanks JK, that is what I figured. The YT community channel remains stubbornly unoccupied. So will all the past OMs be migrated to the YT channel? :smiley: :smiley:

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Yeah I do believe that’s the plan


I think Richard @Richard_close2u has already migrated the past events. They are unlisted though, which is why they don’t appear on YouTube under channel videos.

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What I understand is that the OMs are still mainly intended for the community so the only thing that has changed is that they are stored in a Justin Guitar Community YT channel and not kindly hosted by the YT channel of one of the community members. So the videos are going to be still unlisted (not fully public), but they can be accessed from anyone who has the link. If you go to a YT channel that has not public videos it’s going to say that it has no videos. I understand this could change in the future for the JGC YT channel as videos intended to be fully public may be uploaded.


@dobleA Andrés, I stand to be corrected but the Community OM videos are actually public. Currentlythey were uploaded onto @adi_mrok’s YT channel. All that is changing is that the videos will now be hosted on a JustiunGuitar channel and access will be public.

The participation in the OM is for active Community members. This contrasts with the periodic Live Stream events that Justin runs that would be open to followers of JustinGuitar. The third Live Stream event was held recently and it streamed live to the world at large, unlike the OM which has participation managed through the Community.

For those eagerly awaiting the recording of OM 18, I can confirm that it has been uploaded to the channel and just awaiting the addition of the chapters for each performer before being published.


They are indeed public on Adi’s channel, but as of yet unlisted on Justin’s community channel :+1:

It’s on its way folks, not long now. :sunglasses:

Ladies and gentlemen … we are floating in space.


Hi @DavidP and @liaty. I just checked and the OMs are now public (and searchable) in both channels. This shouldn’t deter any member of the community to participate in them. He or she should be proud of his or her individual progress, be ready to have fun, do not compare with anyone else, and be ready to ignore any nonsense comment someone can post. Once he or she do his or her first AVOYP the only big difference is that he or she has to attempt it in one take (of course restarting after a false start or keep going after stumbling on any sections is part of the exercise).


I’m glad to have participated in this one and see how new members are stepping in and repeat participants take new challenges and get on top with them. @SDKissFan and @docdanguitarman did very well on their debut. Sorry Danny for crashing into your practice the night before while checking my zoom link. @Jenndye429 was very good as the MC.

Two anecdotes about my participation: one is that I didn’t try to play with the poncho on until the morning of the OM day. So although this one it’s not very tick I was too warm with it despite the air conditioning being on and that discomfort increased my nervousness of not being of able to fingerpick the introduction. I was playing it once more before my turn and my wife asked why are you still practicing it. She told me that I had played it for a long time and for sure I knew that part very well. I went to the wrong fret at the start of the second introduction/interlude (third instrumental), but I quickly moved to the right one after hitting a couple of extra notes and managed to keep going.

The second anecdote is that with the thing of taking out the poncho to be dressed more appropriately for the second song my concentration plummeted and my nervousness skyrocketed so I had very shaky hands when I started my second song but once I started singing I managed to get back in track.

The same that @NicoleKKB I can say than even after a third OM participation, nervousness is still there, but I can say that despite what I said above it was not as bad as with the first one.


I agree that the whole idea of an open mic is to perform for the public. JG people are always polite with feedback, which may not be in the case for the public. I honestly don’t worry though… in work group presentations I’ve led, I would encourage any hecklers to come up and show me how it’s done. . After one time of that no one ever heckled my speeches again. :joy: I feel the same way for performers. Nobody is perfect but we all got out there and gave it our best. I made mistakes for sure, but learned from them.

I think most of my nerves were due to early audio issues and being worried no one could hear me.


That sums up the whole experience Jeff. Most of the fluffs and boobs you detect during your performance, will not have been noticed by the audience. But you know and from that you learn, simples. :sunglasses:


I always love listening to these. There is so much to watch and listen to in each performance by way of techniques and vocals that I enjoy and also learn from.

Great gig by everyone. @Malz always enjoy your performances, Lara’s vocal is great and together it’s a great sound👍 @Richard_close2u Mate, stripped back, no nonsense guitar :smiley: that was mesmerising and inspiring. :+1: love your work.


Thank you Craig, We had sound issues again and so reverted to the iPad, but it was fun to be part of the show, pleased you enjoyed our bit. :smiley:

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Thank you Richard for the hard work in posting this along with all the others who help put this ‘show on the road’, David, Toby, Adi, and anyone else I have missed. It is all very much appreciated. Great spot by you on the evening. :star_struck: :smiley:


Hi All OM’ers. Part 1

I somehow missed the posting of the OM18 video recording, usually I get an alert but not this time for some reason.

It was another great show , with many styles

@Jenndye429 , you really looked comfortable in the MC role and did a brilliant job, I was a little disappointed we did not get a performance from you especially with Dan’s new acoustic kit.

@SDKissFan Jeff what a storming debut :slightly_smiling_face: you did great especially in those weather circumstances although I can imagine you will be hoping for a more relaxed environment next time.

@DavidP What a great version of a classic, superb sounding strumming and matching vocals, very enjoyable.

@NicoleKKB . You are really going for it, another 2 song performance. Like I said in the chat I loved you doing Luka, it brought back memories of time with my boys when they were young. And what about Heart of Gold, mixing up strumming styles and throwing in some runs, pretty advanced stuff you are clearly pushing yourself and it is paying off.

@Eccleshall Hi Ruaridh some nifty finger work going on in Teenage Dirt Bag

@Malz & @ElleDeeGee I always enjoy your performances so much , it always looks like you are having a lot of fun and even your technical challenges this time did not phase you

@liaty , Hi Dave, I don’t recall seeing you performing with an acoustic before, your strumming was lovely and great accompanying vocals, so many styles I have seen you perform now.


Hi All OM’ers Part 2

I did not realise the restriction on usernames in a single post so my OM18 comments continued here

@Elixir1253 Colin it is not the first time I have been performing right after you so I dont always get to really enjoy your performance until the recording. You challenged yourself with some tricky finger picking especially on buckets of rain , well done indeed.

@Richard_close2u Richard, maestro performances, very inspiring and like I said in the chat, Maggies Hope as well as being a beautiful piece I also found very inspiring , Iove the collaboration aspect in the JG community, never considered that possibility before , food for thought

@John_in_Dot Hi John , I actually do recall you playing Ripple before ,think it was one of my early OMs. You looked pretty confident singing and playing , you mentioned you did not do that last time but you did it well this time.

@docdanguitarman Danny, what a debut , singing and playing and drumming on the guitar, I am not at that level yet for sure, and an original song. What a debut !

@dobleA Andrés I get a feeling of a lot of emotion in your playing and singing even though I dont understand the lyrics , well done