Open Mic 018 After Show Chat

Open Mic 18 Saturday 19 August 2023

What a glorious event with a diverse range of music and two wonderful debuts.


Thanks Richard and all for helping me work with my technical difficulties. I’m awful at technical things and need a roadie crew . Lol. Thanks for having me everyone. I appreciate going first with weather issues out here.



I enjoyed the show very much (particularly, after my performance was over :sweat_smile:). As Richard @Richard_close2u already said, the range of music was amazing. As was the quality of the performances :star_struck:.

Fantastic debuts!! I really loved them :heart_eyes:. Stepping up for the first time isn’t easy (neither is the third time, by the way :joy:), and Jeff @SDKissFan and Danny @docdanguitarman did absolute great :star_struck:!! Congratulations on that :partying_face::champagne::bouquet::clap::+1:!

Jenn @Jenndye429, you did an awesome job on your MC debut! I really hope, you enjoyed it and want to do it again :smiley:.

I’m looking forward to the recording and having a relaxed rewatch :blush:.


I finally made it to join the event - at least I thought this. Then my connection was so bad, partly no video or video and tone didn’t match. So I had to break up finally.
What I got, was @DavidP and @NicoleKKB, both without video, from what I could hear, David, what a beautiful rendition, sounded incredibly good and Nicole, you performed both songs so well, esp. Heart of Gold with the the fancy little riffs and extras. It was a delight! You are progressing so immensly. Congrats!
Jeff @SDKissFan, congrats on your debut, unfortunately had a delay between video and audio but from what I could get, well done!
Looking forward to enjoy the recording!


A terrific show with a great variety of music. A big well done from me to all the performers and the backstage and front of house staff!


Thanks a lot, Andrea, for your kind words :hugs:. But what a pity that you couldn’t enjoy the whole show due to connection problems :disappointed:.
You can definitely look forward to the recording, as there have been so many absolutely marvelous performances. It was a great show :star_struck:!


It was a delightful Saturday evening show with loads of great performances and great variety of genres! Terrific! :star_struck: :clap: :star_struck:

Thanks so much to everyone involved, on stage and behind the scences. You brought so much joy and lovely moods to me yesterday, I enjoyed it from the very beginning until the end a lot! :smiley:
It had everything a good show needed, a little drama with the weather (hope you’re ok, Jeff?), lot’s of emotions, great host (thanks, Jenn - you did so great!), two amazing debuts and lots of great music full of passion! :heart_eyes:

I’m already looking forward to the next OM! :smiley:


I’ll have to make do with the replay… I wasn’t and still am not completely clear in my head and thought it would start at 8:00 PM here…just logged in at 7:00 PM (to be sure :upside_down_face: ) and got into a huge echo well :smile: … 20:00 went much better, but then the penny dropped that it was going to be difficult for me … Just listened to @Jenndye429 at 21:00, but Jennifer :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: you are really a wonderful speaker, “a voice which was made for the radio” my wife said immediately and she is right … so glad I got to see /hear that live :smile:


I was moved up in the queue because we were expecting the first hurricane since 1939. Our ocean never is warm enough for hurricanes. I blame global warming. The storm started late Saturday so luckily the weather held out until after the show. Weather people said earlier but they were wrong. We are expecting flooding and heavy rainstorms. Right now it’s bad rain outside.

My performance was decent , not perfect, though I appreciate the kind words from everyone here. I was planning to play electric but this mini amp I just bought sounded terrible. Oh welll glad I had electric for a backup. If anyone saw in the chat I had friends from Mexico there that really enjoyed Andreas”s Spanish songs.


Thanks a lot Nicole. You have a beautiful singing voice. I loved your song and singing.

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Rogier a 1900 UTC starttijd zal voor u negen uur 's avonds zijn tijdens de zomer (zomertijd) en acht uur 's avonds, zodra de klok teruggaat. Hoop dat dat helpt meneer. :sunglasses:

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Busy penultimate day with family before they go back to the UK tomorrow, so a little late to comment today,

Well what another fantastic show. Such a wider range of musical taste and as usual a variety of skills on display. I had some tech issues towards the end and took a while to get Zoom back up so missed a little bit but congrats to our three debutants.

@Jenndye429 Great job hosting the show for the first time. You looked at ease and kept thing flowing nicely. Aided and abetted by Dan which added to the fun.

@SDKissFan Jeff sterling work and persistence to hang in there despite the tech issues and impending storm. The nerves must have been jangling but you got through both songs with great aplomb. Well done sir !

@docdanguitarman Another great debut Danny. Unfortunately I missed about the first third of the song but what I did catch was well played and equally well sung. Enjoyed it for sure but look forward to the replay recording, so I can put everything into perspective, :+1:

Great performances from everyone else as well, good to sit back and watch for a change.

Thanks @DavidP @adi_mrok for the tech hosting and backstage duties.

And finally a big thanks to the audience. Your support is truly valued,



Again thanks to all the performers and organisers :slightly_smiling_face: Like Andrea @Helen0609 also I had massive technical issues with Zoom freezing for half a minute or a minute on end, videos without sound, so I missed a lot and can’t give any more feedback in detail.

A huge “super well done” to both first time performers though:

@SDKissFan : Great debut, I missed most of your songs due to technical issues, but what I heard, sounded good :smiley:

@docdanguitarman : Another great debut. I remember seeing the video of your original song before and liking the song a lot. I truly believe that the song sounded a lot better, when you played it live yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:


I missed this one live unfortunately, couldn’t make it. Hoping to check out the recording soon!


Well done everyone one involved in putting on the OM. Was a very entertaining evening. I was blown away by standard of the performances. Thought the hosting was very slick and polished too.
Congrats @SDKissFan and @docdanguitarman on your debuts I thought you both did awesome.
Looking forward to the next one.


Thanks Alan.

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Thank you Nicole! It was a different experience hosting and I really enjoyed it! I’m happy to go into the pool of hosts for the future :grinning: I really enjoyed your performance as well. I think it was my favorite of your 3.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it

Thank you so much Rogier! (Thank you to your wife as well :wink:) I think my previous community theater experience really helped me in the hosting arena.

Thank you Toby! I had a lot of fun hosting and I’m happy to be added to the host rotation. Dan enjoyed it too.


I attended :star_struck::guitar::partying_face::partying_face::clap::clap::ok_hand:


:joy: :rofl: :joy:
that was funny reading you don’t expect it. normally I don’t even have to look it up and this is just in my head, but I still had residual fever and so the whole week has been spent in a bit of a strange state of mind…I was supposed to have a party that night too, but I didn’t have to go there because I was sick…so everything went weird those days…happy no party…yay OM, but a little sick mmmm :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: …I felt like the flying Dutchman the whole week :grin:
Now I`m back :sunglasses:
Thanks :grinning:


Glad you are feeling better Roger, take care. :sunglasses:

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