Open Mic 17: Recording + After-Show Chat

Great to watch and well done everyone and all those behind the scenes that make this work​:+1::+1:.
@brianlarsen opening the show with that was a classic. You had me me smiling all the through Brian, great song and great lyrics :joy::+1:.


The Chat is now added to the first post.

It was a delight start to finish, every performer bringing something special in their own way.

Now if you are not aware, the next event is a Livestream hosted by Justin. Get the details and toss your hat in the ring here: JustinGuitar YouTube Community Livestream :)

For those eager to sign-up for OM18 Toby will post that once the Livestream call is closed.


Just BAU Adi. If we are significantly under the 22 people/song threshold, I’ll reach out and offer folks the chance to double up, just like the early OMs when interest was not so intense.
It always depends on the numbers.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thank you sir. It was a bit of a mad rush mainly because all my gear was packed away from the previous night! thankfully I don’t tend to shift the mixer output too much so the sound levels were generally okay. Good to be part of the evening as ever though.


Hi Dave, what is the livestream call? I am sure I missed something.

Take a look here >> JustinGuitar YouTube Community Livestream :) - #70 by Willsie01

I missed the live show as we had a family evening together - with my two step grandchildren playing and singing! :slight_smile:


Brian the Bovine Bellower. What can I say? I have a vague feeling I had heard this maybe once in my life. Terrific performance and entertainment.
RE: the children & environmental activism … you obviously raised them wanting a good world for all, nothing untoward there. :slight_smile:

Tjeerd - nicely played and sung across both songs. Cale & Cash, a winning combination.

John - a Turkish delight! Double Lennon on a cheap and not-so-cheerful finger buster of a holiday guitar. Ouch. You done great and the whistling was a bonus.

Nicole - Walking many miles overland or sailing along the river, it’s all good, and both songs were delivered in fine style. A lovely example of how it can be perfectly good to play a song with a different strumming pattern and make it work.

Sebastian - Wow, I wasn’t expecting to hear a Bert Jansch piece. That was great. He is something of an iconic figure, very influential on many of the great and good that emerged from the 1960s UK music scene including, of course, Jimmy Page. Terrific debut. :slight_smile:

Colin - kudos for wanting to revisit and polish up a song you played before. You’re coming along well with it. You seemed more at ease on the second song, even seemed to be happy providing a commentary through your fumbles haha! :slight_smile: Nicely done.


Eric - another double … both songs played and sung well, you grow in confidence each time you perform. Good stuff.

Jenn and Dan and Garry - more goodness from your expanded ensemble. Rocking it in the family. Great harmonies too on Last Dance.

Mark and Jen - Peace & Love maan! Tie-dye and headbands. Oh yeah. Two very swinging and laid back songs, perfect for a few drinks and a singalong.


David - That seemed to be in a good comfort zone for you and you played with more control and dynamics. Bravo.

Toby - forgive me my little fun here …

It’s not the cough that’ll carry you off
It’s the coffin they’ll carry you off in

A good song title perhaps? :wink:
Anyway … there you are proving that 3 into 1 will go (guitar wise).

Jason - good way to finish off, two (edit - string) strong performances, nicely done.

BRAVO @ everyone


Well there’s a blast from the past !

Having watched myself last night, the throat issue came across only slightly better than it felt at the time. Not a pleasant experience as the anxiety was through the roof. Glad it settled down for Curtis Leow but by that time the adrenaline was pumping and I pushed the tempo from the mid point. But hey who noticed ? Just me. :sunglasses:


Thanks Richard…for a moment my mind was thinking “Whats a two string performance”…until it clicked :rofl: String>Strong


Methinks he meant your excellent use of double stops… :grin:

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Part 1…Having missed the live run and wanting to get properly caught up via the medium of OM, I spent last night watching the replay and wanted to do a proper review, so here goes!

I’ll start with simply this - :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

What a superb OM everyone, well played, well audienced (!) and expertly organised by the gang and MC’d by Mr @DavidP . You’ve delivered another enviable event.

David, I hope you were just in a different room and haven’t lost all your beautiful guitars!!!

To the meaty stuff…

@brianlarsen - You had to heckle the host before starting, really?!! :slight_smile: Great to see you 're recovering and looking very well! Cows with Guns - amazingly I do know the song but not any background so it was a very interesting intro to the song. Amazing to hear the subliminal messaging you’ve transmitted to the kids!! Super smooth performance, delivered with your expected infectious humour and lyric / commentary improvisation! Great kickoff to the show!
:innocent: :heartbeat:

@TRJ - Tjeerd, lovely sentiment and dedication, the healing vibes have clearly worked ;-).

The Doctor, such smooth picking and a beautiful flow to your playing, really nice song. Probably down to Zoom but the vocal balance was pretty strong, a slight back off would work well. Vocals were great and carried a lot of emotion, loved it!

Hurt - What a treat and what a song choice!! I’ve yet to tackle it but it seems like another rite of passage song like Wish You Were Here so it’s going to happen! A terrific version you gave to us there.

:clap: :+1:

@Willsie01 - Using the data sim seemed to go well John, nice fix!

Jealous Guy - what a perfect song choice for you, your voice carries so well with such a good range. Lovely range of strumming and seemingly effortless playing (and whistling!)

Dear Prudence - wheeling out some great tunes and a not uncomplicated song, fantastic picking going on there. Really terrific set there John, well done.

With your choices you just need some round metal specs to complete the look :wink:
:clap: :clap:

@NicoleKKB - Nicole you’re becoming a true star of the OMs, didn’t let the panic of nobody responding to you at the start phase you and rocking the official badge of honour t-shirt :slight_smile:

I’m Gonne Be (500 Miles) - Awesome song choice and a proper crown pleaser, loved the calmer feel you’ve brought to it with this arrangement, completely changes the feel and shows how a song can translate to different styles really well! Superb performance, I was doing my bit to respond to you in the chorus, not sure my neighbours knew what was going on just then :wink:

The River - one of The Boss’ finest songs, you can feel what it’s meant to you with your performance there Nicole, full of emotion in your vocals and playing. You’re a superb live performer, well done :heartbeat: :clap:

@Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega - :heart_hands: Always fabulous to see new performers, well done Sebastian for signing up and taking the step. Don’t worry about the 39-40 transition, it’s fine ;-)!

Angie - Not a tune I’m familiar with which is always nice to be introduced to somethng new and wow what confident and accomplished playing, you really did tell a story through the guitar alone. Lovely touches and flair all the way through, really enviable. Bravo, I really enjoyed that! Take a bow for your debut!
:clap: :heart_hands:

@Elixir1253 - Great to see you in the OM again Colin and another performer rocking the merch!

Going to California - What a composed performance and a fantastic tone from the guitar (obviously, it’s a Faith!! :wink: ), suited the song and your voice so so well. A couple of little blips but you held composure and ploughed on through as you should do, beautifully delivered.

Me & Bobby McGee - Some really enviable finger picking here and self-deprecation, careful you’ll take Brian’s mantle there!! You’ve got such a lovely style to your playing Colin and came through really well here. Congratulations!
:clap: :clap:


(Part 2)…

@eric.lennon - An OM stalwart and lovely to see some daylight outside the windows with Eric!! :wink: I’d love to hear more about the camp with Justin, they sound so amazing! Great selection of songs, I do love that album.

Tears In Heaven - I remember when this came out and obviously the tragic circumstances of it, the pain that comes out with the song is it’s defining characteristic. Wow have you got that mood, vocals prominent and subtly backed up by perfect playing. Amazing rendition Eric.

Layla - Wow, how much time have you put into these songs Eric, 2 strums and my foot was tapping away, the Unplugged version is such a cool version the song and that swing is right there in your performance. This is stage worthy, 100%!
:clap: :clap: :+1:

@Jenndye429 - Goodness me the band’s growing, Dan’s t-shirt wins the evening!! Welcome to the club Jenny’s Dad :wink: When are you guys going on tour and what’s the band name!!!

Cannonball - hell yeah!! Exactly the type of song in your wheelhouse and the intro is very funky. Boy have you pulled it off once again, so impressive how you’ve become such cornerstones of the OMs. And is that a new guitar Jenny? or just one we’ve / I’ve not seen before? Awesome bass, drums, guitar and vocals, a dream combination! Jenny your voice absolutely rocks :heart_hands: :metal:

Mary Jane’s Last Dance - Remote practice works!! Hell of a performance, Dan capturing vocals like a champ, amazing harmony with the chorus, guitars tight and complimenting perfectly, wow, wow, wow.
:heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

@TheCluelessLuthier - Jen & Mark, such a treat to see you guys, I’m back in the 70s instantly, you both never fail to bring a smile to my face!

Ripple - Not listened to any Grateful Dead in a long time so this was a treat. Tight co-ordination in playing and singing, I’m sat here swaying whilst typing :wink: . Perhaps a little back off in overall levels needed as it was a little boomy, not that it’s affected my enjoyment at all, especially the smiles at the end! Beautiful performance.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane - Just when I couldn’t ask for much more you guys drop this, I can picture you playing this around a campfire with a huuuuge group all singing with you, if you ever do it let me know and I’ll jump on a jet plane myself to join you!

@skeletor83 - Well my anticipation is up seeing the harmonica David, love the hat!! Great to see you again and as ever really interesting to hear you share your knowledge.

Church - Most definitely new to me but what a cool song. You launched in with confidence and style keeping solid rhythm and with really bang on vocals, it’s a great timbre to your voice. The harmonica is an awesome touch and addition. Super enjoyable performance, I think one of the best I’ve seen from you, bravo!
:clap: :+1:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner - The songbook sounds an interesting project! I’d expect nothing less than for you to make last minute changes to challenge yourself! :wink:

All I Can Do Is Write About It - Sounding good to me, the frog in your throat in some ways gave it that little edge, sounded damn annoying for you though!! Lovely work with the playing, effortless and grooving, another winner from The Madman!

Curtis Loew - What a composed playing of the intro and super mellow tone to kick off the song, energy building, properly cool dynamics throughout Toby. Another from the show tonight that’s stage worthy :slight_smile:
:clap: :+1:

@Rossco01 - Jason to close the show with style and impeccable production! A great selection of songs to have made the cut. The remaining 6 will be for future OMs I presume!?

Valerie - An all time favourite for me, whichever version it is to be fair. That was a really nice set of effects you lined up for the guitar and yeah those vocals are right there, not easy. I know I don’t need to say stage worthy to you, you’re already there!!

Proud Mary - Now that’s a floor filler to close the show and leave everyone wanting more and you’ve put your own style on that completely. Cracking performance, I now want to put this on my learning list!!

These OMs just keep on getting better and better and showcase the diversity, strength and passion of everyone on here. Inspiring from beginning to end.

One more time for everyone:
BRAVO! :clap:


Thanks Mark and appreciate you taking the time to listen all the way through. The other 6 just didn’t make the cut unfortunately! but I’m now learning a new set of 3 songs for consideration so maybe those will be for the next OM.


Thank you Mark for your kind comments, and yes, providing very good and measured feedback. I picked up on the balance issue after listening to the recording. It was a last minute decision to volunteer a second song, and I managed to drop a line or two in the first chorus of Hurt, had to work around that. Happy I managed to keep going. Overall I am happy I did get to do a second song though.


Thank you as always for the comments Mark. I could not repeat what I was thinking at the time or I’d get an immediate ban from the Community. :rofl:


Thank you, Mark, for your words of encouragement.


I’ve had my share of audio problems so I feel your pain! I managed to hear you fine by turning up the volume.


Thanks to all involved in providing the OM platform, for us wannabe singer and/or guitar players. We all owe you a lot.

I’ve rewatched the video, with the intention of giving some positive feedback, but grandchildren demanding attention has put paid to that, this time around, anyway, I see that some, who can say it better than I, have already done it! So thanks to them too!


:blush: … slightly lost for words, Mark … but thank you for your kind words … slowly, slowly … and as my school reports remarked ad nauseum, “He has room for improvement” … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll nail GTC one day … that pesky “red-light” … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

M&BM … a mate of mine played this last month (rather well) at an annual get-together. It’s a golden-oldie in my epoch, however my strumming is not very good (understatement, maybe it’ll improve during year 4). So, … I had a go at tabbing it out for finger-picking. Although a rudimentary first attempt, it needs a bit of ‘flourish’ in places. That said, I really enjoyed the exercise and the product worked quite well, particularly in rehearsals … :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much Mark! If my Dad lived closer to us we would probably seriously consider forming a band. Dan says we already are a band, but I vetoed all the names he tried to give us :laughing:

The guitar I was playing is my Fender Meteora. Not new, but I use it less often for OMs and recordings than I do my LP. I thought it worked well for both songs here.