Open Mic 17: Recording + After-Show Chat

Looking forward to seeing this when the link’s up, hope everyone had an amazing time performing and listening!


Disappointintgly from Brian’s performance only his song lyrics were picked up by Zoom AI:

The conversation revolves around cows and their role in a story about a cattle war. The cows were surrounded by police and armed with guns, but managed to escape and run free. The order was given to turn cows into waters enforced by the might of 10,000 copper, but the cows fought back and ran free with the help of chickens in choppers.

From yours on the other hand :joy:

The group discusses a simplified skinnard songbook and a song that has been played three times and not played as they want to play it. Toby shares that he has created a simplified songbook for the song and is preparing for a one-man show with three guitarists. The group acknowledges the challenges of playing a song with 3 guitarists and acknowledges that it might be a bumpy ride. They discuss a cover of Sweet Home, Alabama by Dave, which refers to the alleged conflict between Neil Young and Ronnie Vance. The line “All I can do is write about it” refers to a song written by Unknown, who can’t make any changes but can only write a song about it. Unknown discusses searching for soldier bottles to get gold and a man named Curtis Low, who played the black man’s blues.

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Lmao on both counts. I just dropped "zoom meeting artificial intelligence conflict " into my AI art processor. Will share results when back home.


I’m wondering what that would look like :thinking: :sweat_smile:.


Publish and be damned @adi_mrok
I wanna see the second half of the show that I missed :wink:


Well… It’s three guitarists. One of them enjoys himself and is delivering a show, thus pleasing and entertaining the audience. The other two guitarists clearly want to be somewhere else and are simply standing there with guitars around their necks - not doing anything.

That AI (or is it just a spoken language transcription programme?) never claims that all three guitarists in this one man show would actually be playing :rofl:

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Thanks Brian - now I know what the KI ment :sweat_smile:.

Hello everybody,
I totally agree with my prior commentators - it was a great OM night :smiley: !
By most performers playing two songs, and also sorely missing some ‘veteran OM-performers’, this show was a bit different, but nonetheless very enjoyable :blush:.

Brian’s @brianlarsen song was an absolute blast :star_struck:. Unbelievable, that he had a hip replacement just two weeks ago :astonished:. Brian’s playing, singing, and entertaining skills were incredible :smiley:. Everybody, who couldn’t make it to the live show, should watch Brian’s performance on YT :grinning:.

@Durquhart I’m really pleased, that I could make you happy by playing the Proclaimers song. I know, that there were some Scotts in the audience :slight_smile: . I’m a big Scotland fan myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Nevertheless, I didn’t dare to even try to imitate the Scottish accent (though I love listening to it) - it would have sounded just rediculous :rofl:.

@Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega Sebastian, I want to apologize that I wasn’t able to comment on your fantastic performance during the show. I had to comfort my crying son :weary:. So I couldn’t watch you play, but I could hear you - and your playing was just briliant :star_struck: :clap: :+1:. I absolutely loved it :heart_eyes:. An awesome debut :smiley: .

My own performance was very close to not taking place. Besides the ‘quite normal’ nervousness (higher puls, swetting fingers - not very helpful at all :sweat_smile:), I realized that the audience could hardly hear me, although I was using the same mic as last time. When tuning my guitar for the third time that day (just to be sure :grin:) one song prior to my performance slot, my D-string decided to sound terribly wobby. And - to make to whole situation even worse - my little son broke out in tears about 20 seconds before it was my turn, when I asked him (in a VERY friendly tone) to leave the room during my performance as I would be easily distracted by his presence. If you have kids, you probably can imagine what my desperatly crying child triggered in me / my loving mummy-heart :see_no_evil:. Miraculously, he managed to stay absolutely silent during my performance - and even more miraculously, I was able to perform at all :flushed:. I know, I messed up some parts, but I don’t think it was a complete disaster. To be honest, looking back, I’m really proud of me for not cancelling my performance in the very last second :innocent:.
While my son spend the time while I was performing as silent as he could, he broke out in tears again as soon as I had muted my mic. I was very proud of him too, that he was able to hold back his emotions for this 8 minutes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I want to thank everybody, who was involved in making this OM happen. You all did an incredible job :hugs:!! Thanks to all performers - again, so much talent here, and such a wonderful variety of songs :star_struck:!! And thanks to the fantastic and motivating audience!! Without you, the whole event wouldn’t make much sense :smiling_face:.

Can’t wait to watch the video :smiley:.


Well I’m glad you did perform, the only disappointment was the volume, definitely need to get that mic (or PC settings) sorted. I turned up the volume on my headphones and it was great.

I’m glad your son could put on a brave face so you could do it!

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Well done to all the performers, and thanks to @DavidP and @TheMadman_tobyjenner for running the event.

I’m not going to do a mini review of everyone… however the debutant (not definitely not newbie) @Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega certainly did not disappoint, living up to his AVOYPs live :smiley:.


Thanks everyone for making it happen and for the kind words and feedback.
I really enjoyed the experience and seeing everybody perform.

Although I’m not 100% happy with the performance, cause the nerves made it not come out as I would have like it, I’m pretty sure attending these open mics will bring my playing to another level.
I’m really glad I participated. If anyone reading this is doubting to jump in, I can only encourage you.

@NicoleKKB I think you’ve done a great job and I can only admire your courage to play at these OM’s, since you’re only playing for about 15 months. I was not at that point when I was playing for that long.


Video now posted in post #1


Just spent a wonderful best part of 2 hours replaying Saturday’s show and what a delight.
Such a great variety of song choices and good to see the older generation coming up with songs I know !! And the kids in Portland blowing the windows out - knew them both :metal:
Great performances all round folks !

No blow by blow account from me this time but a special mention to a few folks.

@NicoleKKB Nicole after I read your account of your young son dissolving into to tears moments before your slot, I was even more impressed by your set. To hold it together under such emotional pressure (blackmail :rofl: ) was fantastic. The fact that he kept silent for the duration was wonderful to hear but you must have been on edge waiting for the dam to burst at any minute ! The River was a belter ! I need to look at my Springsteen collection (16 albums to 2007) as @LievenDV suggested he’d be a good fit for my vox. I am thinking Nebraska backwards to 73 but I’ll shake the tree and see what comes out.
You are pushing out good quality songs, so a shame about the volume. I think at this stage of your “career” its time to start looking for an Audio Interface ! Let’s hear you loud and proud!

@Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega Sebastian wow what a debut ! That was stunning and reflects 7 years of hard graft. Loved that version of Anji. I was racking my brains on who I heard play it first. I was sure that I recalled a Manitas De Plata version back in the day, then recalled it was on Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence album from '66 - I’d did an S&G/Disturbed hybrid version of the title track a couple of OMs back. Impressed that you did this as a single guitar as I am sure the original had them splitting the parts, as I recall an old film of Paul Simon playing this with his brother. Hope to hear more from you.

@Rossco01 Jason what a great couple of songs to close with. Only heard the AW version of Valerie so that was a refreshing change - which I preferred. And you can’t go wrong with Credence. You may think why the shout ? Well to be out of the show (due to surprise “commitments” and then offer make a last minute “if I can get back I’m in” shout was superb and shows your dedication to the Community. Hope your evening was not truncated and your good lady was understanding. I knew you’d shut the door on this one with a big bang, hence the roster. So a big thanks for coming back and making that happen !


I’m so upset I missed it. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:. I’m sure it was another great one. Can’t wait to watch it.


Missed you Jason. Video link in the head of this thread !

@TheMadman_tobyjenner please put me on audience for #18 open mic please
@brianlarsen :clap: great song. I’ve never heard it.

As always, Dan and I had a blast watching everyone and performing. I missed a couple of the performances during the show and I will make sure to catch the video for anyone I missed live.

This OM definitely had a more relaxed vibe compared to some of the previous ones and I enjoyed it. It felt like being in a smaller/more intimate venue with some of your favorite artists. Great job to all! :clap:

Big thanks to @DavidP for hosting and @jkahn and @nzmetal for keeping everything running smoothly. And an amazing debut from @Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega I was very impressed!


Wow!!! !!!
That was beautiful. ‘The river’ all time favorite songs. That is a lot of chords. And you got the lyrics too.!!!
I saw a show In New Jersey 15 years ago. It was amazing.

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Judt watched the whole show, what a great night! With 12 performers I was expecting an hour long show, took me by surprise that Toby gave a green light for 2 songs (which makes a perfect sense!) :grinning:

Well done to all performers and Sebastian wow - what a debut! Smacked me out of my feet, fantastic arrangement in which you clearly poured your heart and soul! Fantastic great job mate!

And to others again bravo, you all did awesome!


Absolutely fantastic OM once again! Thoroughly enjoyed all the performances and big congratulations to you all! Superb! :clap: :clap: :clap: :star_struck:
@Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega outstanding debut! Blown away by your performance! More please!! :pray: :smiley:
Thanks also to the organisers/support crew! You do great work! :ninja:
I would like to acknowledge all those that have thanked me above and @DavidP for shouting me out, but I really was just a passive observer in this one, enjoying the show :sunglasses:, so can’t claim any praise for the organisation/support (although I’ll take it all the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: )!