Open Mic 17: Recording + After-Show Chat

Open Mic 17 - July 8 2023

Zoom chat

:point_right: Performers
00:00:00 Introduction by MC David
00:03:50 Brian - brianlarsen [Cows With Guns]
00:12:16 Tjeerd - trj [Call The Doctor & Hurt]
00:19:55 John - Willsie01 [Jealous Guy & Dear Prudence]
00:30:29 Nicole - NicoleKKB [500 Miles & The River]
00:41:06 Sebastian - Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega [Angie]
00:46:32 Colin - Elixir1253 [Going To California & Me and Bobby McGee]
01:00:30 Eric - eric.lennon [Tears In Heaven & Layla]
01:09:05 Jenn (& Dan & Gary) - jenndye429 [Cannonball & Mary Jane’s Last Dance]
01:19:32 Mark (& Jen) - TheCluelessLuthier [Ripple & Leaving On A Jet Plane]
01:29:02 David - skeletor83 [Church]
01:36:34 Toby - TheMadman_tobyjenner [All I Can Do Is Write About It & The Ballad Of Curtis Loew]
01:47:07 Jason - Rossco01 [Valerie & Proud Mary]


Can’t wait to have a look at last nights performance. 3am is a bridge too far for me :grimacing: :+1:


Well done everyone who performed at last nights show, I thought it was spectacular. It had to be the best one yet. The selection of songs was really varied and there was some great choices. Bravo everyone. :clap: :clap:

Also, thank you again to @TheMadman_tobyjenner @DavidP and @adi_mrok for organising and making this all possible.


Sorry I couldn’t make it last night. Looking forward to watching the video of the show.


And you can include @jkahn, Stefan. JK and Jeff (@nzmetal) have both stepped in to assist in the managing of our Community Zoom account to take some of the load off Adriaan. Mostly behind the scenes and for OM17 JK helped with recording, spotlighting, and muting.


Well done to everyone that performed last night and to all those organising and running the show. That was the first community open mic I’ve been in the audience. Lot’s of plaudits to everyone, that was a fantastic show. You all played (and sung) very well. A night full of really great song choices.


Loved every minute of this greatest hits edition. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you to the organizing team and each performer. I think we can all agree that sole performances were just stellar.


Well done to all who performed at this OM. I missed a few sets due to some anxious last minute rehearsals while the show was running - desperately needed to iron out the repetitive screw ups. What I did see and hear was great but I’ll catch up on the whole show once the video is available.

As usual a BIG THANKYOU to everyone in the audience. Having you there makes it feel as real as you can get pucker Open Mic, in that offline world that is out there somewhere. Not that I’ve done one but this as close as I am likely to get !

Thank you all for your support.



Great turn-out last night: both the variety and performances were great. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Adding my thanks to all those who pull the levers to make this event happen. :sunglasses:


So excited to watch this later

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Thank you for letting me know @DavidP

Big up to @jkahn and @nzmetal also for the back office work. :+1:


Well done to all the performers you were brilliant as always. Great nights entertainment, cheers.

Special shout out to Nicole and her Proclaimers song (since I’m Scottish) really enjoyed it :+1:


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great show yesterday. I was amazed at the variety of song choices and high level of talent from the performers. I bet when Justin first started doing his course he had no idea how many people’s guitar playing skills would be do greatly improved. There is so much talent here in our group and I was amazed by every performance yesterday. Bravo everyone!

PS I am long overdue to perform in one of these. I’ll be signing up for the August show for sure once it is put on the calendar.


Thanks again to all performers and organizers :slightly_smiling_face: I said that already over one the other thread, which is now closed. Thus as the old German saying goes “Doppelt gemoppelt hält besser”.

It was a fantastic evening full of greatest hits and one bovine protest song (I have to relisten to the lyrics when the video gets online, to find out if the cows got their freedom in the end…).


Awesome job by all!


It was a wonderful open mic, such wonderful performances. Big shout out to @Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega for a wonderful debut with Bert Jansch‘ Angie and @brianlarsen with the Bovine protest song being wonderful treats. Can‘t wait to see the recording.


Video in the making, haven’t watched it yet but sounds very promising according to Zoom AI :rofl:

The team discusses the importance of keeping control of the meeting during an open mic event and encourages everyone to shout, shout, holler, and applause during the performance. Sebastian, a new guitar player from Belgium, introduces himself as a new player and shares his experience with Joe Robinson, a finger star guitarist, and his son, Angie, who is a singer-songwriter. The team discusses their favorite songs, including “I Come from Down in the Valley” by Bruce Springs and “I’m gonna be 500 miles” by the proclaimers. They also talk about their experiences with Bruce Springs, including seeing him in concert in 10 days. Colin plays two songs, “Led Zeppelin going to California” and “Spend my days with a woman” written by Chris Christopherson. The audience appreciates Colin’s performance.

And also next steps:

  1. Sebastian will start playing guitar in 2023.
  2. Colin will play two songs this evening.
  3. Eric will perform the song to his level.

Well done to all the performers on this OM!
One of the best I have seen so far.


Great, I will watch the recording :slightly_smiling_face:


Adi each time you post this new AI feature it cracks me up :rofl: Does it do a limited audio grab of the spoken elements and then ignores the song elements ? Must do some “research”. God know what it made of my pre-song gibberish waffling as I try to settle the nerves, let alone Mr Larsen. I’d like to know the AI take on Cows With Guns :crazy_face: :rofl: :sunglasses: