Open Mic 21 : Recording & After-Show Chat

It is easy to say that the Community OM events just keep getting better and better, cliche maybe, but rightfully so to say it. Last night’s event maintained the trend and based on MY (for emphasis) taste and preferences, I think last night was right up as one of the best of all time, which is saying something.

So for those who weren’t in the audience or performing, when I edit this topic to add the usual links, do yourself a favour and give it a watch. We had a full rock band in action, three duos, three debuts, a range of music, many classic songs … it was a music fest of highest order!

So once again, tip the hat to the performers and huge applause and appreciation to those who choose to attend just to listen and encourage. That is the Community spirit.

A couple of performers did acknowledge and appreciate the audience specifically (along with much love and appreciation for Jen, Jeff, and Toby who ran this event). My encouragement to all the performers, last night and other regulars, is to take on board Toby’s comment about being active Community members. Having appreciated the encouragement and support of the audience, I encourage you to actively encourage and support others working through grades 1 and 2, fellow learners who may one day sign-up and debut at a Community OM.

Keep your eye’s peeled, I know Toby will be posting the CFI (Call For Interest) for OM 22 soon. Remember to read or re-read the full post and take heed of the performer criteria:

  1. Posted an intro in Introduce yourself ...
  2. Posted a recording in Audio-Video Of You Playing
  3. Attended an OM as an audience member

Now, be patient, my friends, put a Watch on this topic, you don’t want to miss the recording of this event.

Recording here:


Thank you for posting David and thanks for the review and comments. It saves me a few minutes in front of the PC as I would only echo what you have said. Great show, great performances and great variety, yeah the odd technical glitch but hey this is as live as you can get.

A BIG well done to all the Performers and HUGE appreciation to those supporting from the audience.



Oh and a big hug of appreciation to Jenn @Jenndye429 and Jeff @nzmetal for ensuring the show ran as smooth as silk. :+1:


And what a fantastic evening it was :star_struck: Can’t wait for the recording so that I can catch up on @Jenndye429 's and Dan’s band song that I missed for the biggest part.

Once again a huge thank you to all performers and organisers :slightly_smiling_face:


It really was a great show with some fine performances. Well done everyone front line and back. :clap: :clap: :clap:


I would also like to thank all those who attended and organised, it was a great night.
And to those thinking about signing up for the next one … Go for it … you won’t find a more supportive and welcoming OM on the planet :slight_smile:


The performers was outstanding, and the bar was rasied to a high level.
Was so cool with Jenns family band that really rocked out and sounded superb :clap: the first timers did an awsome performance :clap::clap::clap:
It was really impressive and fun to watch.


I had a great time watching all of the performances and it is a curious thing to look back at previous OMs and see such progrress in playing chops among the regulars!! It’s SOOO motivating for newbies to the OM scene like me. I really appreciate the fact that this is a community run and supported thing and that people take it in turn to be responsible for aspects of the organisation of each OM.

As a first time performer last night, I felt completely supported by all who organised, participated and attended – from the sound check to the closing chat session at the end of the OM; and THAT IS such a RARE and precious thing to have in these days of internet cynicism and resultant trolling. So, to echo Paul’s and others’ comments here. . .if you are at all in doubt about performing in a JustinGuitar Community OM . . .just go for it!!

Thanks again to @TheMadman_tobyjenner for supporting and driving the whole process; to @Jenndye429 and BAND for being the hostess with the mostest last night and @nzmetal for being the calm tech support who helped us all get the most out of our experience!!

And last, but certainly not least, the audience members who were there to cheer us on and provide moral support!! It was really great!!

I, for one, will be on the look out for the next call for interest for OM 22!!

Hope you all have/are having a nice relaxing Sunday!!


Hi all ,

It was amazing beautiful and I really enjoyed it, everyone seems to go a step further every time I meet them and the new people I saw were really nice… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
But now enough about being together with our new neighbors who actually yesterday moved in and a few friends of theirs that I met there…
So I’m patiently waiting for the video after I lay on my bed early and exhausted yesterday :blush:


What a great show it was! :star_struck:

Thanks a lot to all on stage and behind the scenes for such a wonderful OM night. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and each of the performances! Congrats to all the debutantees, you’ve done so well and can be proud of yourselfs! :clap:


I’m very sorry I missed this! I was looking forward to it.
(I was out searching for my daughter’s runaway fur-baby :frowning_face: )

Can’t wait to watch the recording when it’s out and have an audience ticket at the next OM :smiley: :sunflower:


That was a lovely evening yesterday.
Well done everyone, especially all the newbies.
My set up with iPad as camera and no keyboard makes it tricky to join in the chat on the night, but there was some proper classy performances there to applaud for sure :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Congratulations to all of last night’s performers, especially for those who had a debut performance on the JGC OM: Paul @mathsjunky , Ian @theoldman66 , and Jeremy @jgottwals.
As ever, a shout-out to the production team, and to the audience for their sterling support; both of which bring life to the live event. :clap: :clap:
The first post at the top is worthy of note: David @DavidP is integral to the success of the JGC (and yes, there are others) . Another JGC area that I would draw reader’s attention are the Learning Logs.
I have found there is much to draw and learn from other’s experiences: contributing is on my to-do list in 2024 … all said, there’s no credence in “talking the walk” if you don’t “walk the talk” … :thinking:
Looking forward OM XXII … :sunglasses:


Thank you.

As you say, there are many members here who support and encourage generously. And that is what makes this Community as special as it is.


Thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner @JokuMuu @tRONd @jgottwals for all the kind comments :grinning: Our band was so excited to perform and we all had an incredible time. I enjoyed hosting as well. This community really is filled with the best people :hugs:

All three debut performances were incredible! I hope all of you get the performance bug and come back for future ones.

I’ll echo what several others have said- if you are even remotely considering performing and you meet the criteria, please think about signing up! Yes, there will be nerves, but I promise that it is a rewarding experience and I feel like it can help make you an even better player in the long run. In my case, it made the infamous “red light phobia” a little easier to handle when recording myself because I got a lot more used to that feeling of needing to perform under pressure. Plus, it’s just SO fun :guitar:


FAO Everyone

The recording is now linked in post 1 at the top.



Congrats to all performers, especially those making their debuts. Super playing and singing by all, very entertaining evening. Thanks all for back stage, admin and hosting work putting on such great event. Best wishes Alan


Ahhh really sorry I missed this, for some reason I was waiting on an email Zoom link being sent and when I didn’t get it, I just lazily thought it must be next week.

Thankfully there’s a recording and I’ll look forward to that!

Anyway, well done to all involved!

Check your DMs Aidan the “mail” with the link went out on the 13th. Shame you missed it, always next time. :sunglasses:

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Cheers, Toby - I see now. Lesson learned!

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