Open Mic 21 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Well time for a little feedback as I missed most of the show due to my technical hurdles!

Jen - fantastic opener with your band, you are really lucky being able to perform with such a fantastic crew together! Awesome job guys, especially loved the energy coming out from the first track. Jen you are definitely a proper rhythm player now, and that wah - wow! :fire: :fire: By hearing how drums were loud (which is great to me when sitting in front of the laptop! :D) I must say Dan would have lots of troubles from the neighbours :smiley: great job again! If you ever guys gig out in the public - this is what you should be starting your set with.

Colin, really great acoustic set, enjoyed your set for the night. Really like Fleetwood Mac and you did this song justice, well done! Btw your second guitar sounded really bright and good, is this a Faith guitar? I am considering buying one but in a different finish maybe later this year/next year.

Paul - well done mate, really great debut! What a wonderful job and you performed like a pro, never would have said it was your first Community Open Mic. Well done mate, hopefully more performances will follow soon! Must say never heard the song before, but it was really a pleasant surprise to hear.

Mal and Lara - high standards as usual, Lara really loved all the high notes in your first track - authentic Goosebumps! Well done guys and thanks for another fantastic performance. Mal really lovely solo during the second track, an unexpected break when jumping back to chords, but it sounded really good!

Ian - I know you’ve been trying to perform for a while now, and it’s fantastic you breaking the ice. Really solid debut! JC is a really popular pick in the Community and your really confident performance adds to fantastic past performances made by others. Really confident strumming mate, well done! And a fingerpicking track as a second song, really brave my friend! Awesome job, hope to see you performing on the next one!

Ruairidh I have managed to pick up half of your performance when loosing my head the other night, so to catch up on what I missed - well done! Embarrassingly I must say I don’t know this track, but really confidently played and loved the whole vibe coming out from your performance, especially the descending bass line. Well done!

Well done to other performers as well! I think I have managed to comment on your performances while you performed, so just kudos to you all and thanks for another great memorable video!


Thank you so much @adi_mrok :grinning: We haven’t had complaints from the neighbors… yet :wink: We do try to be somewhat respectful and not play too early or too late. Luckily our neighbor across the street is also a musician and loves metal, so he’s good with it :laughing: Loved your song as well!


Thanks Adrian - I was super nervous and I could really hear it in my vocals. However performing is on my goal list for this year so hopefully it’ll get easier!


Thanks Adrian, much appreciated. Dunno about doing Lindsey Buckingham justice; my fingers turned to jelly part way through. Hey-ho no harm done other than possibly grating within listeners’ audio frequency spectrum … :wink: … but watch out for an AVOYP in the next few weeks; hopefully without the jello-fingers. :upside_down_face: . I hope to sing it one day too.

Yes indeed, I used my Faith acoustic. I really lucked-in with this one (my first ever guitar) bought on-line during Lockdown in mid-2020, looking for something constructive to do. Here’s a GAK Spec for you, if it’s of interest. It is an Earth PJE Legacy, with Khaya Hog body and a Torrefied Sitka top. I cannot believe it has gone up about £300 in under 4 years … :scream:
The Bass strings were tuned right down, CGDGBE, hence I tend to use Light-Medium Elixir 12-56 strings to help hold the guitar in tune when in Drop D or C type tunings. The Torrefication process, I only learned some time later, is a “wood aging” process; and this adds warmth to the overall tone (apparently … :thinking:) .

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Thanks Adi, we enjoyed our spot, and pleased you did. The solo is still a work in progress, not something generally done by me. Lara was nervous about her vocals, but I loved them. :smiley:


Just watched the recording of OM 21. Super show as always. Well done to all the performers. Big shout out to Jen for MC’ing and to all the behind the scenes stage hands.


Finally caught up with this as well :smiley:
As always a hint of regret at having missed out, but good to see the train barreling on, taking no prisoners. Always impressed at how folks face adversity when faced with ‘hiccups’ during a performance.
Class acts, the lot of you :sunglasses:


Thanks Adi, appreciate it. I’m working on my strumming quite a bit at the moment to try and get it more even, and to target notes accurately. Coming Down in the Rain is certainly a song to focus the mind on both those areas!


Been away for the weekend and just caught the performances back. Some absolute belters. Not to single anyone in particular out I’m a big Joni Mitchell fan and loved Malc and Lara’s version of All I Really Want To Do. The debutants looked like they’d played live for years.
Another great night and well done to All the performers, Jen for MC’ing and the background folks for making it happen.:+1:


Well I finished watching this one.

Callouts to debutants @docdanguitarman and @jgottwals, great performances.

Also @philsmith for getting back in performance mode after so long!


Thank you sir!

Wasn’ t the Joni song the best?? I really hope we hear more of her tunes in the OMs. May even put one in myself one day. Thanks for the feedback, but I was just as nervous as all get out. . .


Nervous shmervous, she nailed them!! It’s not an easy song to sing and she MADE IT LOOK easy!!

Keep em coming cuz there’s at least one big time Joni Mitchell fan in the community. . .


It WILL get easier. . . like anything else. . .the more you do it. . .the easier it becomes . . .


Hi everyone. Good show. Regulars and first timers were fluent with his playing and singing. A hiccup here and there didn’t affect the overall quality of the performances. Good job :clap:t2: of all the performers, organizers and audience.


Just playing catch up before tomorrow’s show…

Jen, Dan and Crew

Always a riot! Two fantastic performances, so impressed how you get everyone sounding great in the mix.


Lovely playing great dynamics and touch.

Nice finger style under pressure, it’s coming along fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Great debut Paul! No sign of nerves In your performance, well done.

@Malz @ElleDeeGee
Mal and Lara

Beautiful singing Lara, well done both. Nice use of varied chord voicing.

Oh wow, making everyone smile :blush:


Pure foot tapping joy!

Magical version of sound of silence, ah the nerves, well done Ian


Very well done. Great performance. Love the finger style.


A solid piece Adi, nicely put together :slightly_smiling_face:

There are so many elements you have down, great to see!


Nice rhythm bud, love the vibe :sunglasses:

Fantastic debut Jeremy!

Mark and Jen

Lovely chemistry, great performance :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s always a joy, thank you. A special shout out from Marie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Great job picking those notes out!

Laid back vibe, love it. All your own work, fantastic!


No need for nerves Phil, lovely renditions👍

Bruce and Zac

Great stuff. Nice to open and close the show with the next generation, keep it up guys!

Well done everyone! Great job hosting too Jen.


Thanks for listening