Open Mic 23 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Another amazing show! Everybody performed so well! :guitar: :star_struck: :clap:
Thank you to all the performers and everyone who made it happen :heart:
I really enjoyed it and love these community OMs. You guys all rock! :sunglasses: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks Toby, it was great to have the opportunity to be part of this, and I can only guess how much work goes into organising it. @Notter, many thanks for a great job hosting, you really brought the night together so well.


I would echo the sentiments voiced here, it was another great evening with some excellent performances. Thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner for your behind the screen work and @Notter for your hosting and all the others who make this possible.
See you all at the next show. :smiley:


That was the first time in the audience for me, I had previously found and watched the OM22 video recording and thought “how brill”. Having seen it all live, well I am in Awe at the quality of the performers and the overall management of the session by those involved. I am looking forwards to watching more of these cool concerts.

Many Thanks.


Can’t wait, looking forward to it as always. Will be off to Bali tomorrow for a few weeks so will be missing the guitar but time for some theory study and there’s always plenty of local talent playing in the bars to keep me entertained​:+1::+1:. One day I hope to be able to have a play along with some of them :+1:

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Video now live and ready to relive the magic …


Thanks for that Richard. :+1:

Thank you Richard. :smiley:

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Thank you Richard.

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I had intended to be in the live audience for this one, but forgot about it. What a shame, because it was full of great performances!
Hopefully I can join the next one.

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Wonderful performances from all this weekend - just finished watching.

Congratulations @Alexeyd on your debut. Those were some enviable harmony skills you showed there - very nice!


The CFI went out yesterday if you want to sign up for an audience slot.

I finally had a chance to watch the show, and what a show! I loved the diverse styles. Congratulations @Alexeyd on an amazing debut. And @TheMadman_tobyjenner ‘The Rambler’ was our introduction to Blackstone Cherry. It was great to hear it. I’m so looking forward to the next OM.


Thanks, Toby.
Unfortunately, that date is not possible for me, so I’ll have to patiently wait for the next one.

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Well, sat here by a pool in Bali and already missing my guitar I’ve just watched this and am blown away :scream: A solid performance start to finish and a fantastic mixture of music, and styles :+1: If anything it leaves me feeling just a little musically inadequate :face_with_peeking_eye:

@Jenndye429 loved your moved to Green Day :+1: great work and nice one Dan on the T-Shirt :grinning: :ok_hand:

@Alexeyd, it was great to see your work Alexey, watching the technique work had me mesmerised too as Mark mentioned. Hope your gig went well and hope to see more of your work. Stay safe there :+1:

@mathsjunky great work Paul, really enjoyed the style and great work on song choice. Good work :ok_hand:

@Malz @ElleDeeGee loved it as always. Always really nice harmony and great songs :clap:

@liaty Dave, great song, I’m a huge fan of their work and have to echo Marks comment, not sure how the H you manage to remember that whole arrangement. Great work, really loved it :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

@Aidan5 great work again Aiden, making good use of some of those stuck chords :ok_hand: and again, great vocal :+1:

@Eccleshall great work, that first song was a ripper loved the style and what a change up for the second :+1: great work Mae :ok_hand:

And of course @TheMadman_tobyjenner nice work Toby, always love the performance nice chorus work and great work knocking the dust off the dusty end in song 2 :+1:

Massive night guys with great performers.

I’ll go back to my tour of local bars and catching the local performers here :+1: :tropical_drink:


Thanks Craig @CD02

If I’m a testament to anything it’s just keep at it. I don’t have a strict practice routine really, just stick with Richard’s learn songs mantra and put the time in.

I would imagine it takes discipline to reach the level of Alexey and Co, but just having fun is enough for me at the moment…


Having fun is the key!
I remind it to myself twice a day :slight_smile:


Thanks for watching and your positive comments. All a bit tight up that end of the acoustic ! :rofl:
Enjoy the holiday.

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Hi Dave, yes I’d agree I’ve dedicated myself way too late in life to reach the level of some people on here but I get a lot of pleasure from playing and singing and am realistic about my abilities :+1:
You’ve done some great lives and this one is certainly testament to your work :+1:


Thanks so much Craig, It was probably the most fun I’ve had performing at an OM so far - my first one was exactly a year ago.
Slowly making my way from terrified to enjoying it!! Cheers