Open Mic 23 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Well, sat here by a pool in Bali and already missing my guitar I’ve just watched this and am blown away :scream: A solid performance start to finish and a fantastic mixture of music, and styles :+1: If anything it leaves me feeling just a little musically inadequate :face_with_peeking_eye:

@Jenndye429 loved your moved to Green Day :+1: great work and nice one Dan on the T-Shirt :grinning: :ok_hand:

@Alexeyd, it was great to see your work Alexey, watching the technique work had me mesmerised too as Mark mentioned. Hope your gig went well and hope to see more of your work. Stay safe there :+1:

@mathsjunky great work Paul, really enjoyed the style and great work on song choice. Good work :ok_hand:

@Malz @ElleDeeGee loved it as always. Always really nice harmony and great songs :clap:

@liaty Dave, great song, I’m a huge fan of their work and have to echo Marks comment, not sure how the H you manage to remember that whole arrangement. Great work, really loved it :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

@Aidan5 great work again Aiden, making good use of some of those stuck chords :ok_hand: and again, great vocal :+1:

@Eccleshall great work, that first song was a ripper loved the style and what a change up for the second :+1: great work Mae :ok_hand:

And of course @TheMadman_tobyjenner nice work Toby, always love the performance nice chorus work and great work knocking the dust off the dusty end in song 2 :+1:

Massive night guys with great performers.

I’ll go back to my tour of local bars and catching the local performers here :+1: :tropical_drink:


Thanks Craig @CD02

If I’m a testament to anything it’s just keep at it. I don’t have a strict practice routine really, just stick with Richard’s learn songs mantra and put the time in.

I would imagine it takes discipline to reach the level of Alexey and Co, but just having fun is enough for me at the moment…


Having fun is the key!
I remind it to myself twice a day :slight_smile:


Thanks for watching and your positive comments. All a bit tight up that end of the acoustic ! :rofl:
Enjoy the holiday.

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Hi Dave, yes I’d agree I’ve dedicated myself way too late in life to reach the level of some people on here but I get a lot of pleasure from playing and singing and am realistic about my abilities :+1:
You’ve done some great lives and this one is certainly testament to your work :+1:


Thanks so much Craig, It was probably the most fun I’ve had performing at an OM so far - my first one was exactly a year ago.
Slowly making my way from terrified to enjoying it!! Cheers


Thanks so much Craig for checking it out and for taking the time to comment to everyone :grin: Dan and I always have a lot of fun playing the OMs (in case you couldn’t tell :rofl:)


Appreciate the kind words Craig @CD02

Haha, I started this year and I’ve got to ‘sill mostly terrified’, but I’ll keep going!


Yey! Get on that there horse and ride!!!


Just had a very enjoyable after-lunch catch-up session.
Bravo to all involved :sunglasses:
Tbh, I don’t mind how many or few performers there are. It’s always good to see what folks are up to :smiley:
Fair dues to @CD02 for doing the blow-by-blow review, they’re always fun to read as a performer.
Special mentions to @liaty for tackling one of rock’s most iconic pieces of music. Loved the inclusion of the psychedelic light show :rofl:
Two impressive pieces by @Alexeyd. Everyone can do with some favourite things in your part of the world at the moment.
Last but not least- did I notice a new toy in @TheMadman_tobyjenner’s den? There was a furtive glance at the floor and he suddenly seemed to be singing in harmony :open_mouth:
I’m not a fan of rules, so be a good man and pencil me in for the next OM, eh mon ami? :wink:


Oi Wolfie none of those Che Guevara tactics pal, didn’t end well for him and the 2nd back door request I’ve had for the next OM !!.

No new toys bar that brace of Teles. I had the PlayAcoustic on the desk top on short cables to the AI as I wanted to keep access to the keyboard clear, as I was point man on Zoom. Just hooked up the footswitch so I could change the vox presets for the outro. One day I’ll do that seamlessly and no one will notice. BTW your on the list, I’ll let you guess which one !

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Hehe… keepin’ a close eye on each other! :rofl:
(Al least it’s proof i listened to the end :wink:)

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:sunglasses: :partying_face: :clap: :boom: :bouquet: :man_bowing: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I listened to it yesterday and I must say that I was once again surprised by most people who pullout a performance in front of everyone without being able to look the audience in the eye, something that seems very difficult to me because it is I’m also not sure how you sound from the speakers on the other side of the computer,of course the safety of your own home and the biggest advantage are well-known people who most of us speak to and even see often on a daily or weekly basis but still :sweat_smile:… I certainly enjoyed it and thank you all again and again for that … :clap: :man_bowing: :sunglasses: