Open Mic 3 - The learning continues

… back in the Farmers Arms for open mic 3.

Last week I didn’t record, just to take the pressure off a bit, my practiced set of two songs went really well, but the musicians were thin on the ground so (after a pint :roll_eyes:) went back up. First song went went ok, nailed the intro to the second (mainly by cutting out the tough bits) and then forgot the main chorus chords, it was ok overall, but I am not ready to play all the back catalogue ‘on demand’.

Anyway, back to last night.

I (obviously) can’t hit the soaring screams of Ian Gillan, so for Child in Time, I’ve dropped it by a tone and swapped out the wailing screams with a basic position 1 minor pentatonic “solo”. Keeping the main section super simple with the looper pedal, which I used live for the first time :slightly_smiling_face:

However, as it transpired, my communication with the sound guy was off point :frowning: during sound setup I was turning my lead pedal down while he was turning the amp input up.

Pain ensued…. (2 min to 2:45 ish if you want to skip, or go straight to it if that’s your thing :joy:)

It might not have been that bad if I hadn’t built up so well and brought silence to the place first.

Eventually, I found the setting and continued.

I wasn’t going to do a second, especially after the previous weeks failure with non practiced songs, but I guess I now have an ‘old favourite’ to fall back on, which I was pleased about because I can now play and sing this fairly automatically, even live under pressure. Got a sing-a-long too.

So now I have the motivation to pick back up the blues lead, pentatonic scales and associated modules back with Justin.

I’m also thinking, just drop the improvised ‘screams’ and just go straight to the solo that Richie Blackmore has already provided. I’ll try and post some progress, haven’t concentrated much on lead up until now.

I’m pleased that I’m throwing myself into the deep end, so much learning. Even the excruciating painful parts are teaching so much, I’m happy to just rock up and give it a go, knowing it might all go to crap, under the “I’m new to this banner”.


Nice job Dave and all a good learning experience…glad to see you’re getting familiar with all the “challenges” of sound setup :rofl: :rofl: Great to get that first sing along…suddenly you know people are listening and enjoying it. Loved the way the chap running it gently turned volume down!

Dave that was great, really impressed with you getting out there and entertaining people! First song was a bit of unknown to me and I think to some of the crowd and it was funny to see how the sound guy messed up your setup, we live and learn! :grinning: second song was bang on to me, really enjoyed it and I think people did too as they clearly were singing along. Overall hats off and I admire you getting out there, hopefully you will keep at it!

Good on you Dave and congratulations for your leap of faith and more importantly persistence! It’s crazy the amount of “admin” (as in setup etc.) we have to deal with as we progress so really interesting to read your experiences and pitfalls.

Now that must have felt amazing! :heart_hands:

Ha, definitely my bad :roll_eyes:

I really feel quite bad, everyone else plays acoustic. There was even a handpan last night, that was amazing.

I hope so, the plan is that others can learn too.

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Hi Dave,
That was absolutely amazing. :sunglasses: :bouquet: :clap: :clap: :clap:…that you dare to play such a first song…you really got them played completely silent in the beginning…and rightly so :sunglasses: :clap:…and the 2nd song was very well received by the audience,I heard them enjoy…and me too… Be proud… :man_bowing:

Thanks Rogier @roger_holland

Well done, Dave. You are doing really well and making great progress. Keep it up mate and has anything come of the invites to jamming sessions? Oh and what happened to your mate supporting you with the harmonica?

Cheers James, missed out on this months jam session, I was away biking the weekend gone.

It’s the same guy who jumped in with the harmonica on week one, so hopefully will catch up before next month.

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:+1: you should definitely catch up with him as getting that opportunity to jam with someone would be fantastic and a great learning experience.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo and congrats, Dave. Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll just grow in confidence and experience. Thanks for sharing.

Tip my hat at the bravery of taking on a solo version of Child In Time. Well done on the first use of the looper and do wish that we’d been able to hear the solo. Now you have to come up with how to treat the crescendo end to the song.

And unlike the audience in the room, I was singing along to the first song, and know I have heard others in the Community play the second but not up to sing along :grin:

Much respect to you Dave. Another great set and I like how you just carry on through and nothing stops you. Great to hear the punts singing along too. That must be a real lift.

I’m looking forward to more of your OM’s.

I think it was said best in Jerry Maguire.

Well done for stepping up again. Had a chuckle when the guy turned the volume down, its supposed to be loud. I do like hearing/watching peoples OMs, looking forward to the next one.

Will be a while before I’m brave enough to attempt that one again :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks David

:rofl::joy: I guess I’m secretly hoping that Stefan

Thanks Trevor, yeah I’m enjoying it!

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Wow, that was a great performance! C.I.T is an ambitious song to go for, but it went fine. For the waily Gillan bits, if you could find a screamy sustainy tone, it would work well if you played his exact vocal phrases on the guitar I reckon.

You had the audience in the palm of your hand for the Oasis.


Wow Dave, what a pro!
The gear, the singing, the picking! I’m jealous in a good way, you’re setting a great example for everyone in the community wanting to play live. I’ll be following every post of your performances, keep rocking!

Thanks Phil, solos are to be my next ‘obsession’. The vocals on this one are tough! As well as the ‘out of my range’ parts the vocal melody jumps all over the place.

Cheers Kevin, as far as the gear goes, at home I’m using my lovely tube amp but for the open mics I’m all on battery power so take along my old digitech FX pedal. Nobody else seems to mind :slightly_smiling_face:

Will keep on posting :+1:

Fantastic stuff Dave! I really enjoyed that. You have a super voice. Hats off and much respect for getting up there. Really impressive set!