Open Mic Tech Talk (Advanced) Connecting Reaper, OBS and Zoom Using Reaper ReaRoute

This is a Reaper specific update of the DAW/OBS/Zoom connectivity guide, that I wrote a couple of years ago, when the Forum/Community started hosting Open Mics. This method provides a more elegant solution for Reaper users but is not transferable to other DAWs unlike the ReaStream method below.


As with other guides this is not an OBS or Reaper tutorial and assumes the reader has some working knowledge of those products and will understand the concepts discussed.


This method uses the Reaper ReaRoute ASIO Driver to pass audio to OBS. This can only be installed during the Reaper set up process or product update. This is achieved by selecting ReaRoute ASIO Driver under the Additional Functionality menu when installing/updating Reaper.


To connect OBS to Reaper once the ReaRoute ASIO driver has been installed follow these steps.

In your OBS scene add an ASIO Input Capture

In the Device drop down menu, select ReaRoute ASIO as above
For OBS Channel 1 and 2 select ReaRoute REAPER->CLIENT1 and 2 respectively, as above.
OBS is now ready to receive input from Reaper.

On the Master Channel select Sends / Hardware Output

Then Add new hardware output and select ReaRoute 1/ReaRoute 2 as below.

And that’s all folks.

Reaper Audio will now be sent to OBS as can be seen below.

And don’t forget to set OBS Advance Audio Settings to Monitor and Output.


As referenced in the two set up guides below, OBS and Zoom are connected via virtual audio cables available from VB Audio Software VB-Audio Virtual Apps
For this application Virtual Cables A and B are required. A small donation is requested for the download to help maintain and support the products.
Virtual cable installation can be completed, using this easy to follow guide.

Open Mic Tech Talk (Advanced) Connecting DAW to OBS to send audio / video to Zoom Using Reaper ReaStream

Using OBS with an Audio Interface on Windows for streaming to send to Zoom

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