Open Mic Vi Dry Runs

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Thanks for that guys at least the recordings here shows how it was meant to be. But on reflection, given how quickly I reconfigured everything as the event started rolling out and manage to get some sound out when called to the stage, I can’t complain. It was looking at lot worse at one point.

Now if I had put that out at our first Open Mic I would have been more than happy. Once you two start recording more frequently, you’ll find that you will want to raise the bar each time and maybe delve into the black art of mixing. And that’s when the self critique arises and you make comparisons with your last mix. Its the recording equivalent of GAS. I don’t know what its called but there are many who suffer and we look to Roman, Kasper, LBro and Leo etc and aspire to their mastering skills. Like normal GAS its infectious, so be warned. :rofl:

Anyway, problem resolved so off to up date the other thread. Thanks Al for the kind offer !




Hi Toby not sure if it’s me but I don’t seem to be able to play the videos. It’s telling me they’ve been removed…that said I am away visiting my daughter in Liverpool so it may be the apartment wifi (although all else seems okay). I will take a look back later.

Shoot !! I did some housekeeping last night and removed 30 odd OM VI takes from YT. I may have goofed. On the case ! :scream:

Temporary glitch folks. I’ll let you know when the new links have been dropped in. Sorry.

Hey, that’s my stomping ground!
If you’re ever up and want a place to crash, gimme a shout :wink:

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OK problems resolved. Just some over zealous housekeeping. I’m just hoping this is the fully edited dry run cuts, without the mid point self analysis !!

I thought it was Brian and thanks for the offer…we’ll have to catch a coffee if you’re around next time I’m up. Will probably be in May when I collect her for the summer.

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Yes I can watch and listen now and it sounds very good Toby…vocal particularly strong on this…that said from a live performance perspective I don’t think it was significantly impacted on the OM. I think it’s the difference between you knowing what you wanted and knowing you couldn’t deliver it.

Very true and knowing I made a complete mare of the first verse of Outside and stumbled into the first few bars. Seeing the mic clipping didn’t help, so I know the adrenaline was pushing the vocals, let alone not hearing clearly what was going on ! An interesting experience I will not be in a rush to repeat ! Thx for the listen.

Sounded good TJ! You are nailing these rock strummers. Well done sir!

Great job Toby, those were both great.

Mark, Clint

Thank you guys !