Open Mic Vi Dry Runs

Well it all went a bit pear shaped during pre OM soundchecks and I spent most of the first few performances rerouting into Zoom directly from my AI. The resultant output was IMHO pants.

These I recorded earlier via Reaper and then OBS and an earlier one recorded ok in Zoom.

So why did it go belly up? I don’t know.


Hey Toby, your OM sound wasn’t as bad as you’re thinking at all, I thought it went well. And these dry runs? Ace, for sure. I can hardly wait for you to get your Trio+ and hear what you can do with that, so I’m sure you are having great anticipation!

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Toby - I thought your performance today was great… but you’re right… your dry run sounds even better. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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I can hear a difference now Toby and I understand your frustration, I am sure if I were in your shoes I would be upset as well. But I also know if you were in mine you would be saying same as I do - your OM was bang on and levels were great overall especially liked the guitar distortion was really nice to my ears. So chin up onwards not backwards :slight_smile:

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Toby love I hear your frustration and disappointment. I hope it helps you to come back into balance as you read the comments. I agree with what’s been said, you sounded good and you came across as a convincing performer, selling the songs and I bought them gladly. Your vocals are next level.

Hey Toby! Just wanted to say I listened to both and thought you did good. I thought the sound was pretty good especially on outside. Rock on!

Those were top drawer, Toby. Solid rocking play, sing, and cracking tones. You were killer!

As others have said, it didn’t sound as degraded for us as you were experiencing for yourself.

Forgetting the OM aspect for a moment. Listening just to these, the one thing that to think about is pick noise. I think it is better now than on some of the previous recordings, but still fairly obvious. Perhaps even with a dynamic mic and careful positioning it just may be impossible to eliminate entirely.

I was thinking about and wondered about a gate on the vocal channel, that could eliminate the pick bleed when not singing but might sound odd when it is faintly there when you sing? Maybe it is a particular frequency and could be reduced with some careful EQing?

That said, both recordings were fabulous as I said. I’m kicking ths one about only because I know you are continually looking to improve recording quality.

Rock on, my friend!

Hello Toby,
The search for the right sound is what torments us, musicians, all our lives. And this is absolutely normal.
I haven’t heard these songs on an OM, but everything sounds very good here.
It’s very nice to see and hear you, you’re in great shape, bro!
Keep on rocking!


Guess you can now see my disappointment last night, as I was more than happy with the overall mix on these and that would have been the conduit for the live performance.

Agree with you regards the pick, Not quite resolved that yet. Looking at the vocal track when I am not singing it registers around the -40db mark but still cuts into the overall mix. The dynamic has helped for sure and I need to experiment, playing rhythm while watching the levels on the mic track and change the mic angle to eradicate them. The find the sweet vocal spot again ! Ho Ho it never stops does it. EQ or filter/gate might help, so maybe a loop over the sections that are bleeding would help to see what is happening frequency wise. Eliminate and bank that for the future. The Kenny master track wisdom has certainly made this a better mix than my previous recordings, so overall this project set has been saved as a template and I’ll likely hang future work off this skeleton.

Thanks for the feedback as always.


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Mari - thanks. For a last minute hustle I got away with it at the OM (just) but miles away from this IMHO. As to the Trio oh yes looking forward to using that. As I said last year next step on the singing playing front would be a backing track for the rock orientated tracks - ha aint that all of them. :rofl:

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Thank you Sandy. Always appreciate your feedback and support. And I am now on the case following last nights incident ! :rofl:

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Yep I hear you Adi and would have said the same. But hey the chins not down but the brow is mighty furrowed. The show goes on regardless. :sunglasses:



What doesn’t kill you !! Equilibrium restored, certainly after the feedback. Hey one of those things but I’d rather they not happen 20 minutes to showtime !! Thanks regards the vox, I love the 2nd song and its easy to immerse yourself into and that helps the deliver. Outside had quite a few challenges and that high part and the expression of it needed a bit of work but was a good exercise for pushing boundaries !



Cheers Byron, as you can see I took a different route to the originals and a graunchy 57 Champ tone on Outside sounded cool. Found that a swine to sync the rhythm and vox. Did you find it like that when you covered it, it took me ages to get it in time ? IBA is just a great song, so chuffed to finally sing and plat it. Oh for your reference as I recall you had issues with the Key, these were both 1/2 step down. :sunglasses:

Thank you my dear friend. Yes that hunt can be a frustration but what a pleasure when you find that sweet set up ! Happy with this one for sure. The Open Mic was last night, so the video has not been released yet. Due to the problems on audio that had to be a last minute DI on Vox and Guitar but at least I had the Mustang effect stored for use. Would have been a disaster if I’d gone the amp sim route !

Thanks for listening Leo.


@Richard_close2u It was late !! Thanks I did not spot the typo ! :sunglasses:

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As others have said - as a newbie on the OM audience - I thought it sounded good live. I can see the difference with the hindsight of the above recordings which are great! But live over zoom - I enjoyed the performance and the atmosphere and the music more than enough! :smiley:

:point_up_2: Invitation from me as well - I tend to listen to live music on twitch most evenings from 8pm UK time so am more than happy to swap that out to listen to a zoom call of live music (or sound checks) :grinning:

I have to say Toby, I thought your performance was spot on. Maybe you’re being too self critical?

Then again, I suppose we all are.

I enjoyed your set though.

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Yeah i quite liked it! :slight_smile: I honestly cant remember lol, i think i had my guitar tuned down below a half step if i recall.

If I recall you went further than a tone ! Great songs though !