Opensourcing website source code

I know there is a limited staff and budget. I bet there are several programmers like me who use this site. I would totally code up and add features I want or those that are max upvoted. Not sure what content management backend handles content that is copyrighted but I think the website uses react and features could be added by the community for free without having to give access to any paid for content. I have been maintainer and developer and I know just doing maintaining… ie reviewing external code is a lot of work and there is risk in someone breaking something but as an ex-Linux dev… some of the most work gets done for free by people with a passion. Could try just the practice assistant or some tiny subset of the site as an experiment. :slight_smile: Not sure if you have a formal bug tracker or upvote system for features. I’ve been using the hearts for feature requests I like that other suggest but it’s got to be hard and time consuming to track. Github has it’s own bug tracker or bugzilla could help. Would love to hear if there are any other programmers out there that are itching to add features they want to use.


I’m a retired developer with recent java, react and php experience. My arm might be able to be twisted to help out. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my guitar playing. :slight_smile:

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Yeah there are lots of software people here. However I can totally understand why someone wouldn’t open source their site. You replace one problem with another - managing volunteer devs.

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Is this what the forum here is based on?

Diego yes Discourse :sunglasses: