Opinions on Sound Samples of some acoustic guitars please

Hello everyone. I am looking for some opinions on what sounds the best from my samples and I know it’s subjective.

These are 3 acoustics and all different brands and body shapes. It’s just a simple chord progression. Samples 1-3 are the same guitars and in the same order of samples 4-6. The only difference is that on 4-6 I did one thing a bit differently. I wont say what that was until I get a few opinions.

The 3 acoustics are all from well known brands.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time!

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1, 6, 3, 4

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2, 6, 3, 1, 4, 5

Hope the listens provide some help. For me, 2 was the best balanced most musical across all six strings.


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6 and 1 stood out for me, but they all are not miles apart.

2 3 & 5 sounded warmer but depends on what feel you are trying to achieve.
Also don’t forget these will all sound completely different to the folks that are listening, depending on their audio device. Some may be using a phone or tablet, others a PC speakers or even studio monitors.

FWIW I just listened via the soundbar on my PC, as I find phone audio quite trebley/tinny. My studio monitors would generate a much fuller sound but I am half way out the door.

Factor that into your process and try different speakers if you can.


2 and 6 sounded nicely balanced to my ears.
1 was a bit bright, was that a spruce top guitar?
3 had a little bit more bass, like a guitar with a bit more volume. But I could be completely wrong.
I assume that was the chord progression from ‘last kiss’?

Thanks for all who listened.

Number 1: Taylor 214ce-k

Number 2: Martin 00015m

Number 3: Epiphone Inspired by Gibson Hummingbird

4,5 and 6 are the same guitars in the same order but with a Blue Chip Pick.



It is interesting to learn that the one that sounded best to me, No.2, was a Martin. I play one of the Suzuki FE-150 ‘Lawsuit’ Martin clones: maybe subconsciously your Martin sounded familiar.


That is interesting. Out of the 3 the Martin is much more mellow sounding for sure. Thanks for listening.