Orange Speech Bubble


yesterday I noticed an orange speech bubble assistant on the page for the first time.

What is that help function for?

Or has it always been there and I have just been a poor observer?


Another improvement to the site …

image -


You may see blanks or some of the team’s images appear … a chance to ask a question or to follow some links etc.

Exciting stuff eh!


Thank you for that - I wasn’t sure if it was legit or some plugin I collected unknowingly along the way.

This is certainly NOT an improvement!! It’s very annoying that every time you go to a page a chat box opens up. Ok have the chat symbol there but don’t automatically open up. This is worse than pop up ads.


I can’t find the chatbot
Do I have to ‘enable’ something to get the genie to appear? :genie::laughing:

Hi Tony ,
I clicked around in various lessons but nothing big pops into my screen now tonight…just a very small orange button and no longer the entire expanded field … Hopefully it has been adjusted again, I have clicked on about 20 lessons (or is this not the case on the phone?)

Hi Roger, hopefully. I have been talking to Laryne through the chat option explaining my point of view. I realise that it is just MY point of view and others may not agree, but at least it gives her some feedback. As I say I like the chat idea, just not being so much in my face :wink:

Hi Brian, it appears for me every time I open a page on the website. I didn’t enable anything to my knowledge.

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I think it was a beginner’s mistake that has already been corrected, reporting works well :smiley:and you are not the only one … because I think 99.99% of people are not hoping for such a cash fold-out thing, especially if you often just quickly look something up for someone…for now it looks good here…Now even busier for the team, good luck with it :roll_eyes:

Still? Please be patient, the adjustments are a bit slower there for you :crossed_fingers:

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You’re right, working perfectly now. Thank you to the back room crew.