Ordered Me First Acoustic

Just ordered me first acoustic settled for the Yamaha APX 600 as a good starter, it’ll be quite a contrast to my Epiphone Les Paul, but looking forward to it, also I’ve always had Suzuki’s but that’s another story lol


I bought an APX 600 in July and am really happy with it. I’m sure you will be too. Sounds really nice and is very comfortable, especially if you are more used to an electric. Doesn’t seem to lose any tone with it’s slimmer body. So now I can say I own both a Yamaha and a Suzuki… and also a Kawaski, until it sells. :wink:

Which colour did you go for?

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Yeah im really.looking forward to it , i went for black but thinking thats going to show every mark going lol

Congratulations. New guitar day is always a good day. I like Yamaha guitars.

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Alright, happy upcoming NGD! :smiley:

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Have to think of a name now lol :+1:

Happy NGD (in advance). An APX 600 was the guitar I purchased when I started learning to play again and was the star of my first few AVoYPs on this forum. A great guitar to play, fingerstyle and strumming. Wish you lots of fun with it.

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Thanks, I’ll look that up :+1:

Do post a pic or two when it arrive Jason, congratulations! Hope you have a lovely relationship :wink::+1:

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That’s one of the really fun things about a new guitar. Naming it!!!

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Gonna call it Hope

Hope I enjoy many years playing
Hope I continue to learn and improve
Hope the wife believes how much I said I paid for it


Great name. We are full of hope you get away with the price hope.

Congrats! I just got my first acoustic over the weekend (posted an NGD with it); you’ll love it…I’ve been having an absolute ball with mine! :smiley:

Getting an acoustic has been great for me. Rock and metal has always been my music of choice so it seemed natural to start with an electric guitar, which I did, more than one in fact, but I’ve never really got very far with it. I think I’ve always been looking too far down the road at the music I want to learn rather than building a solid base. Anyway I started learning (again) about a month ago and decided to get my first acoustic (a Taylor Academy 10) and it’s been great. I’m enjoying playing it every day and making some progress (at last).

Have fun with your new purchase


Very similar here found a lot of the songs I’m playing and music I’ve found for the first time through the app has turned me towards the acoustic though I’ll keep up with the electric , thats the plan lol