Original Collaboration: Secrets

Myself & 2 friends from another forum worked together on this original song .
Take a listen & see what you think.


Thanks for sharing Allison, really enjoyable and kudos to you and your collaborators :clap: :guitar:

Brilliant, love it. Some nice guitar work in there.

Thank you so much ! We had a lot of fun creating this. I wish I could find others here willing to take on these kind of projects!

Thank you very much! Care to join me in creating more original music?

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I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet but who know, in the future I think I could considder it.

Are you all local to each other to do a collaberation?
Very well done all…


There were 3 of us. One guy in New Zealand & one guy in Singapore & me in Michigan, USA :slight_smile:

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That’s a really cool tune you and your mates came up with, Allison! :+1:

I really liked the groove and the vibe of it, a very enjoyable listen. Great and polished production, too. :clap: Lead guitar work stood out to me most, what an amazing tone. Great collab!

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa.
I did the 1st lead, a guy named Steve did the 2nd lead & a guy named MadGoose did the 3rd lead.
It was truly a group effort.
Looking forward to you & I putting our heads & guitars together :slight_smile:

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Hi Allison,
Great job on this one! Great guitars, tone, play and lead work. Vox was solid and well done. I liked the backing vox touch as well. Mix was good to my ears for sure. You have a great vibe going in this and the song was well written! Who did the vox and the song writing?

It is a lot of fun doing international collaborations! It is sure cool what technology now allows us to do! You folks did a great job in putting this together and I hope to hear more down the road!

Take good care,