Original music - suenos Del Mar (no lyrics yet)

This time I decided to try writing my own music. Will get lyrics together eventually. Let me know what u think.


Promising start. Looks like you haven’t got it completely down yet. Interested to see how your lyrics will work with that.

Sounding good Jeff. Once you’ve smoothed it out some I think it’s going to sound super sweet.

I like the composition, Jeff, as a cool vibe to it. As for lyrics, maybe maybe not, sounds pretty good as an instrumental.

Keep practicing so you can make the chord changes without pausing to look at your left hand and just concentrate on playing the picking pattern. Will sound great once smoothed out.

The up and down the neck also sounded good, reminded me a little of an instrumental original I produced which started off doing something simple up and down the neck.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I was looking to see if you all thought the melody could turn into something. Sounds like it could be. It a work in progress and I haven’t done arpeggiated picking in quite a long time. I have lyrics and chord progressions, just need them to fit into the key of E minor. Lyrics are kind of Spanglish, similar to how prince reuss did stand by me. Have a great day.

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It sounded good Jeff. I will second other recommendations to work it out more before lyrics. I think it is a nice start though.