Original Song Collab - AGAIN!

Hey Socio,
I recorded vocals in the beginning & the key works for me. Later, Byron wanted to take a shot at the vocals so he just went with the key we had recorded in. I think he did just fine. he has a pretty good range. Thanks for taking the time to listen & comment!

I need some astray in my life :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rider for your comment we really appreciate it!!! You will get there!! Ive been playing for years and still learning!!! Lol thats cool that you were whistling the tune!!! :smiley: Cheers!!!

Dude! Socio! Your awesome! You are always commenting on my stuff and thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: Yeah Alykat has been a huge help this passed 2 weeks! Feels nice having someone to talk to and collab together! She reached out to me and i said sure! Im glad i did! :slight_smile: Gets kinda old doing everything by yourself lol! Im happy forums exist (especially now) because honestly im kinda a loner and have never really played in a band! Ive messed here and there with bands but did not ever get far enough to perform. Im just a homebody and rather sit and record music at home! I guess thats kinda my downfall though! I tried out for American Idol in 2012 and made it through like 3 auditions but i was a nervous wreck. So that went kaput lol. Been playing and recording ever since and have upgraded my equipment gradually. It helps me mentally and @AlyKat has been a huge help on that! THANKS ALY! :slight_smile:

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