Original Song Collab - AGAIN!

So as many of you know i wrote this song awhile back, and me and Alykat reworked it!!!

Alykat helped me so much in the making of this and alot of credit goes to her for helping coach me!!!

Shes gonna do her version with her vocals as well!!!, but wont be done for a couple more days probably and ill post that version here as well!

I had to change my voice some to suit the key (Not quite my key to sing in)

Im on piano, rhythm guitars, and vocals!! And video is made by a.i

Alykat is on violin and lead and found and edited the drums on the www!! She did the mixing!!!

Here it is!!

Heres Alykats version!! Please give her a warm welcome!! I think shes new to this forum!! :slight_smile:


Sounds good Bytron. Good to hear you having such a fun and productive relationship.

Thanks David! Alot of hard work went into this for sure!!

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Hoping to see a lot of positive comments on this original song of yours. I feel like you already grew musically by leaps & bounds in the 2 weeks we have been working on music together. You did an awesome job bringing this song to life!

Not mine ALY!!! OURS!!! :slight_smile: You contributed as well and you deserve the praise!! I couldn’t do it without you!!! Sure the base song was mine, but you turned it around into something even better!! Your writing and change of some of the lyrcis, the violin, and your awesome lead and the 2nd verse you wrote was WONDERFUL!! Exactly how i wanted to portray this song. Ill have to tell you the story behind the song one day! :slight_smile:

Great job! Congratulations on the collaboration and original song.

Thanks Clueless!!! :slight_smile:

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I ran across your song on another forum and I had to come find you here to post this comment:

So, I listened to this just before I took my dog out for a walk and half way around the block I found myself whistling your tune! Nice work Aly and Byron.

I’ve run across a few of Byron’s videos over the past couple of years and the progress in both playing and production shown in this song is amazing.

The only feedback I would offer would be to add a little bit of movement or build to the song - maybe start a bit more stripped down (with just one instrument?) and then build to the full mix in the final verse/chorus?

The last thing that I wil say is thank you for the inspiration. I’ve only been playing guitar for four years and I’m just starting to understand what goes into constructing a song. Your videos and this song give me some hope that one day I’ll be able to put all the pieces together.

Thank you for listening! We had a lot of fun recording this song :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for taking the time to reward our hard work with your nice comments!

Hi Byron,
Congratulations and from what I’ve heard of yours this was the best on vocals and the entire song sounded good… :sunglasses: :clap:
And Allison @AlyKat welcome here and :clap: :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing:


Great effort guys I really enjoyed it, very catchy, and I would say great vocal @AlyKat really nice and welcome.

@Bytron08 @AlyKat
Great collaboration guys, well done. I enjoyed your song immensely. Really good vocals, instrumental play, mixing and production.
Wasn’t so keen on the video. Too sugary sweet. :joy:

Thanks for listening roger! Thanks for giving Alykat a warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks CD02!!

Thanks sairs for listening! Glad you enjoyed the song!!! LOL!!! As for the video i tried to input some dark/moody vibes but the a.i thing is kinda Wonky lmao!

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Thank you Roger!

Thank you so much & Im loving the warm welcome Im getting here!

Thank you very much!
I have a Roland guitar synthesizer & can turn my guitar into a violin or flute or many other things. It great for adding some spice.

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Dude… you’re tracks have always been a pleasure to give a spin. I’m pleased to see the collab with @AlyKat is taking your musicianship up another level. I think it’s also given you a boost just at the right time. The track sounded really good. You mentioned that you had to change your voice to suit the key. I was just wondering if you’ve tried it the other way around?

Welcome to the community, @AlyKat. Watch this one doesn’t lead you a stray :smiley: