Original Song, Electric Guitar. TItle: Womb | DissolveTheEgo

The recording is amateur because I used my phone. The background drone and music is from youtube.


Thanks for listening. Let me know how you feel about it.

Firstly welcome to the Community, Suhishan.

I am listening as I type and am finding it peaceful and contemplative at present. The SC description makes me anticipate a change in vibe is to come.

The composition and playing sounds good.

Ah, the tone has changed but still retaining peacefulness … not anymore. Still enjoyable but lost the vibe I was enjoying.

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Thank You. I will check it out.

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Hi Suhishan, that’s rather different from what we are usually hearing and it’s a very pleasant change!
I like the calming contemplative mood if suggests and the tone change to overdrive is inspiring, the end with what I assume is heartbeat is a nice ending!
All in all very nice!

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I love originals and different is almost always good :smiley:
You say you recorded it on your mobile phone- was it all one take or did you do multiple takes and process in a DAW afterwards?
I enjoyed it.
I would be curious what it would sound like if you added all the different layers on top of each other, as opposed to replacing them, buiilding up the sound to a crescendo (two bands I love do this a lot: dEUS and GodspeedYouBlackEmperor!). Just a thought. :smiley:

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Thank you very much for giving it a listen :slight_smile:

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Hi. Thank you for listening.
I recorded multiple takes and used ShotCut which is primarily a video editor but because i was familiar with it I used that. In future, I intend to learn production. The problem is that I don’t have a standard mic and without it, learning now seems vain.

I wanted to layer but because I am a novice it sounded a bit noisy so I decided to keep things simple for my first attempt. I do love layering as well.

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