Original song - Our Song Revised

This is what I came up with this morning in light of some very helpful, constructive criticism on the previous rendition. The audio for the electric guitar part is there, but it doesn’t appear on the video.


Wow that was wonderful man keep it up! I quite enjoyed that, beautiful song inside and out congrats!

Thanks, Bytron.

Such a wonderful song, Jay. I’m enjoying listening to the versions as you explore the arrangement and how to mix this.

I am listening through ear-buds. I consider them mid-fi ie they are better than the usual buds provided with a mobile device but not as good as my mixing headphones. So I may not hear all frequencies optimally.

I liked the levels you have the piano and electric more than in the previous version. I think placing them as accents is working. Perhaps they could both be a little louder, as I had to listen closely and ‘search’ for them in the mix. That could be just my buds though.

As an additional thought, in the sound space I am hearing everything in the middle. It may work to pan the piano to one side and the electric guitar to the other. I sometimes imagine a stage when I am mixing and hearing the instruments in a room live. When panning some would advocate panning 100% left or right, other would say experiment with say 80-90%.

Tip my hat to you for staying with the project and working on this. Lots to learn, experience to gain, through such a process even though I sometimes find, after a while, I am just tired of my song and want to move on.

Thank you, David. I think your comments are dead on. The electric guitar in particular needs to come up a hair and panning the background instruments is a great idea.

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Hi Jay,

Lovely playing.
I like the natural quality in your voice - hints of melancholy, but not too dark.

Really nice song - very well performed.


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