Original Song - These Days are Metronomic

Hello all and Season’s Greetings. What a nice place we have here! I have been an infrequent visitor over the past couple of years (shameful!) I haven’t been playing much and recording has been difficult. However I got a heads-up from Richard re the new Community and thought I’d pop over and post a tune.

It’s based on a few feelings/observations I had during the first UK lockdown (whenever that was). I’ve posted an instrumental version and a version with a few vocal lines.

Recorded using - Fender telecaster > Stone Deaf Tremotron > Apogee Element 24 > Logic


These days are metronomic
I need to break that beat
Right now this is a small life
Flour boom
Stepping out
Panic buying scatterbrains

I better get myself a rainbow….

Instrumental - SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds


Good to see you here! That was excellent: great writing, playing, and production.

Loved the vibe of the song, and in my monitoring headphones it sounded spacious and expansive. I liked it with the vocal. Gotta say I was really wanting a searing Maggot Brain style solo to hit somewhere in middle before returning to the more laid back groove. Maybe around 1:27. It’s a great track as it stands, but man, I think that would fit.

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Good to see you here again Birdland, wow what a great way to hit a comeback! Loved the song, brilliant overall however I need to admit that what Jason said is spot on:

Even 30-45s of something like this would make it even more amazing. Loved the beat too, sort of reminded me of a song called Big City Life.

All the best!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again - the day a new song from Mr Birdland drops is a good day.
Welcome to the community and bravo for another tasty feast.


I migrated this over here:

Hey Steve !

Well that was quite an entrance to the new gaff !! Great to see the B1rd has landed. That was all a bit groovy, trippy, mellow and chilled to boot, perfect for a late evening listen.

Good to see you back.



Oh how I’ve missed you and your music Steve. You are one of my favourite flavours. I’ve been sitting here with my hp on, transported to a place where someone else understands, speaks my language. What a gift you are.

My heartfelt thanks and very best wishes.

@J.W.C @adi_mrok

I found aspects of this soundscape white hot, piercing. Not so much searing. There is so much other conversation going on in this piece I don’t think I could cope with more.

Fabulous to hear from you again, Steve. I miss your music and conversation.

And as a Richard said, today is a good day, made better for listening to a new song from you. Both versions are cool but I’ll take the version with your vocal, adds to the experience.

Take care and hope we’ll see you around a bit more.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and the constructive feedback, I did have a short solo in the tune but removed it as it wasn’t quite right. I may revisit and see if I can come up with something, it won’t be searing though (I’m with Batwoman on that score).
I’ll be having a mooch around the community this evening after I’ve taken my daughters to see Spider-Man. I’m sure there’s a lot of good stuff to listen to.


Enjoy it Steve, we went with my son to watch it the other day.

Some new stuff from the familiar faces, new stuff from new faces, and postings of back catalogs. It’ll keep you busy for as long as you want to be busy :grin:

Alright! Bird is back in the game. Dig it. Sounded nice and atmospheric. Good to have you back sir!

I’m glad about this.

Steve, I’ll simply echo what’s been said above. I’ve said it before, you’ve just got a signature sound. Good stuff.