Other types of “guitars” from other countries?

I just picked up a Cura Saz, a small three-stringed guitar, from Turkey. No idea how to play it or even tune it, but it looks awesome hung on the wall. Just curious if anyone has any alternative guitars from other countries? Have you learned to play it?


Picked it up long ago in Holland also no idea how to play or tune …it sounds terrible when I stroke the strings.
It worked well as a thing on the ground when recording audio videos through my looper pedal :blush:

Ps: now you’re going to try to play that toy of course ! :sunglasses:

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My first instinct would have been to tune it to GDG and use tab written for cigar box guitar, but looking at the frets in the photo, I think that it’s meant to use scales (and therefore probably tunings) that differ from our western ones. I think this is one of those situations where Mr Google and Mr YouTube are your friends!

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I think I might now need to pick myself up a five-string Timple Canario since it is literally the folklore “ukelele” from the islands where I live!

The guitarrón seems pretty cool, I’d be happy to try it:

Also the theorbo:

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