Palm Muting in the “Classical” position

I play a Strandburg guitar which has an extra cutout that allows it to be rested on the right leg and played at a 45 degree angle in a sort of classical position. I find this to be extremely ergonomic and works great for fingering cords, strumming, finger style, etc.
Here is a video: Classical position on a Strandburg

However, it’s more awkward to rest the hand on the bridge to steady it for picking , for palm muting, etc., causing tension due to lowering my right shoulder to get in this position.
Is palm muting a thing when playing in position or is there another alternative?
Any suggestions?

I find that my hand sits very naturally across the Strandberg bridge in that position. I need to pull my hand a little lower which is more of an elbow/shoulder position change, but the angle of my palm on the bridge is very close to ideal. I am doing this for finger style blues with muting the thicker strings, but it seems ok for thinner strings as well.

The only thing I notice with my hand being on the bridge is that I detune the floating bridge if I drop the string gauge down. The tension is very light and I need to not rest my palm so heavily or I pull the strings sharp.

Thanks for the reply. I can sort of do this, but I find that my wrist rests on the front corner of the body and becomes uncomfortable. Does your Strandberg have a bevelled front upper edge? I see that there are some of that shape.

I love the bevelled front upper edge of my Stratocaster but for the fretboard prefer the playing position of the Strandberg.

do you mean the part that would be under your forearm? mine is beveled a little.

Yes, my Strandberg has no bevel there., just a square edge. When I rest my palm on the bridge, my wrist rests on the edge.

I’m considering trading mine in on one with a bevel.

The bevel is pretty comfortable to hold. I really never thought about it. I think it could feel sharp just behind my wrist if it were not beveled. As it is, there is an edge there, but it goes unnoticed unless I am thinking about it.